Monday, 6 September 2010

THE GALLERY Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its Back to Playschool We Go....

This weeks GALLERY is simply to photograph or find a photograph which is Back to School related. So, Mini went back to playschool today, but rather than like last term where she only went two mornings a week, we have entered a brave new chapter. 

She is now going to be off every morning bar Saturday and Sunday. 

I did wonder how she'd feel about going off this morning after being off for 6 weeks and home with us all day, so I did expect a few tears or apprehension. 

But my girl did me proud, with not a tear shed, and she was so happy to be back that when she saw her friend was upset, she bent down and told him he'd be OK, and to play with her! 

So, here she is, just about to leave, in her new boots and dress.

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  1. What a brave little girl, and so sweet for helping her friend.

    Lovely pictures!


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