Sunday, 24 October 2010

God Help Berkshire's Roads!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my Elder?

OK I probably haven't, I'm much more likely to be moaning about his Fogey Raves, his almost Obsessive Compulsion to buy unnecessary amounts of stereo/records, and his love of beer. 

But he came up trumps yesterday.

I got up at 7am yesterday, and, as Mini had slid in our bed in the wee small hours, Elder had decamped to her bed. So when the Bratlings both woke up at that time, we all piled in there and Mini jumped on him, while Littlest watched and laughed. 

Everything was as it should be- except perhaps he wasn't nursing a hangover, as usually Friday night is pub night with his Brother, but he was off working a night shift so pub night was not an option. (Have to say here that Pub Night makes it sound like he falls in the door, roaring drunk, at gone midnight, smelling of stale beer and cheap perfume. In fact, they go out at 6, and are back by 8.30/9pm, when we all order a take away and listen to music via Youtube).

There's no prizes for guessing that I've been emotionally a bit down. But I do keep a lot of the "Politics" of Mum Blogging to myself, purely because Elder's attitude is, well, leave the whole thing but carry on with my blog, as to him it just seems like playground bitching and sniping. But I digress. Friday night however, I got a bit teary, and his attitude was that I should just walk away if it was no longer making me happy. I told him how good most of it is, my friends have been great (special you rock mentions to Glowstars and Barenaked Mummy), I then shrugged and got on with making coffee.

Yes, so off I went to bed, and I was so tired my head just hit cotton and I was out!

Fast forward to about 11am yesterday, and Elder was acting a bit weird, actually. I thought he had done something, probably agreed to more stereo, and was being "good" to break it to me lately. Off he went to town to do some shopping taking Mini in the buggy, leaving me some time to relax and read as Littlest had nodded back off.

When they got back, he sat on the sofa beside me. Which may not sound weird, but Elder is usually to be found sitting in the kitchen on his PC, with the door open. He doesn't "do" TV unless there's a good film on. 

What was stranger was he grinned at me. Hmm. I knew that grin. Up to something, for sure. But what?
I started to think that maybe The Nephew was on his way to the house to seek refuge again, or to use Elder's recording studio set up to lay down some of his new tracks (actually, now he's not doing the House so much I really think the new stuff is brilliant, much more my cup'o'tea).

Guess what?

It wasn't that at all.

He said that knowing how upset I was, and knowing how much I love my writing but the rubbish that goes with it sucks and puts me off, he had decided to cheer me up. 

He had bought me a CAR!!!!!!

Bloody hell.

I actually think I should tell him how I truly feel more often!

In that moment, as my car pulled into the drive, I forgot all the last days of being miserable.

Now, I can learn to drive (hence the title of this post). 

I can get to more events I get invited to, as I wont have to worry about getting late trains out of London (I'm a wuss, so shoot me). 

Here she is- My Vera The V-Dub.

The only trouble is, I now have to sort out lessons, and car insurance that wont render me living in the car!

Elder, he may come in for some stick (in act he will always get stick here), but he can be a sweetie sometimes!


  1. awww that's soo sweet!! I don't have my license and we don't even own a car! Enjoy it!

  2. God I need to learn to drive, but I am such a scaredy cat and I don't have any patience to read the Highway Code... :0/ Congrats though hun! I'm sure you'll take to it like a duck to water :0) x

  3. I need to learn to drive too but after failing my test a few times (i'm not saying on here) I cannot be bothered anymore. I'm lukcy that we do live somewhere with OK transport links (it just takes a while to get somewhere!) and that the girls love buses!!!
    Thank you for the mention hun and fab him!!


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