Monday, 25 October 2010

Things to Remember

Right, its time to draw a virtual  line over the unpleasantness that seems to prevail at the moment. I am not about to lose my blog, or alienate my contacts. Sorry.

Elder said something which I found to be a great way of summing up the situation.

Well, actually firstly he said that " women can't be trusted". But unsurprisingly, that's not the comment I found most helpful.

There is a rule in life which not one person, whoever they are, can deny of you as an individual, and its this- if you don't like something (or indeed, someone, which is probably the case more often that not), then just don't read. Don't follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or on forums. Don't mention them, don't speak about them (because people, seriously, you don't think things get fed back?), don't even think about them. Don't think its fine to come along and anonymously (or otherwise) make grand statements about them on someone else's blog or twitter. Don't lie or use their name as a way of gaining popularity.

If that fails, and you really and truly have an issue, then take it somewhere privately. Because to me, and to my mind, I think the saying "don't air your dirty laundry in public" is something that should be the mantra of blogger's in the same way as Keep Calm and Carry On is popular with busy Mums. I think the main issue is that we all write quite personal accounts of our lives, from the everyday of potty training and school, to the really heavy duty stuff like being seriously ill or having lost someone dear to us. We invite such public scrutiny into our lives, blogging being like a window which people can view our lives through, that we sometimes forget when we "battle" on Twitter that we aren't the only people reading. 

I really am surprised that some of the latest fall out, which seems to happen more and more often, hasn't been slapped across a tabloid by now. 

Today I was going to repost some of the despicable and in most cases utterly untrue comments (all anonymous) posted on a particular blog over the weekend. I was going to answer them, whoever these brave people were. In some cases, I truly think if I wasn't a strong minded individual, if I didn't have a loving support network of family and friends, I think I would have seriously just cried all weekend.

But then I thought- why? 

The difference is, I know who I am, what I'm about. 
I don't obsess over whether people like me, I don't care if you do or not. Life is like that, you can't please all the people all the time. 

I do know that we could actually use our blogs for good and get along. I have spent too many days worrying, and assessing everything I write in case someone takes offence. But the getting along thing I think is never going to happen. So we must now decide who to trust and speak to, and the rest to disregard and treat with my friend Josie's "meh" response. 

Jeez, I've even had one anonymous person say I'm mentally ill! 

God knows how they've reached that conclusion, but then it does appear to be kick Claire in the Imagined Nads week, so nothing surprises me anymore. 

So, to those who do not like me, my blog, my writing style. My tweets, my honesty, my sarcastic nature, where I'm from, whatever.

Please, go find a blog or twitter feed you do enjoy. Stop looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp when you read something you think is out of order, or me being over honest. If you think I'm horrid, well, there's a very easy solution to that.

See that big red box with a white X in the top right hand corner of your browser?

Go click it now. 

See, that's better isn't it?

Oh, hang on, no, you're the lovely people who like me.


In that case here's a message for you: 

As you were.


  1. I'm fairly new to twitter and the world of blogging so lots of stuff has kind of passed me by....but really don't get why someone could be arsed to comment or even read something they didn't like, I'm now following lots of blogs for have found some that I just don't fancy, guess what I did.... what I figured everyone would do....nothing, just didn't carry on reading!

  2. Its amazing how ppl can't just think before they type.. golden rule ppl "if you have nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY IT!"

    i am amazed at the amount of crazy drama steming from w/e it is... I think i need to spend more time reading the comments. I just comment, and move along. Keep it nice and simple and heartfelt when i can.

  3. I think your'e great Claire, keep being true to your blog it's yours and we (your friends) enjoy it, screw anyone else that doesn't want to read. Im getting more into my blogging now and Its a brave thing to be so honest on a blog but its true.

    Keep being you x

  4. I'm still here!!!
    Love ya



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