Saturday, 2 October 2010


Littlest is talking.

Ok, so you're thinking, of course he is woman, he's two. 

And its nice that the boy who a Registrar told me was a bit "backward" in January now knows 50+ words and has done so well he has caught up to children born to term (meaning if he had of been born in November (that's his corrected age)he'd be ahead of other kids born when he actually was in August).

So, that's all good, right?


Because despite knowing all these words, and song words, and such, there are a mere 3 words that he seems capable or inclined to speak.


Not. and


He uses these constantly.

For example. Ask Littlest to pick up his toys and put them in the toy box and he'll say "No not".

Ask him to give Mini back her Baby Annabell doll before we have a child's ears spouting steam and his reply is "No, mine".

The two variations is all you hear all day.

And so it would seem at night time too. He very clearly said "No, not, mine" in his sleep last night. Quite a few times actually.

The boy is driving us mad with it. And Mini is about to snap- I caught her about to slap him yesterday for pinching her new dolls buggy.

I never went through this with Mini- as soon as she knew loads of words, well, that was it, you couldn't stop her chatting away. She loves a good conversation, that one.

Unlike Not Boy as he's starting to be called.

It is not cute, or sweet or endearing as a Mum at Playschool thought whe we chatted the other day. It is flipping annoying. 

He is starting to sound like a stuck record. 

The only time he says yes is when you offer him food, or more to the point, sweets.

Then he literally shakes with excitement. 

But when he finishes, he tries to also eat Minis' which as you can imagine doesn't go down well.

And his reaction to her telling him to bog off?

No, Mine.


Here's a little THANK YOU to Barenaked Mummy, who thought I deserved cheering up, and arranged for the very talented people at INTERFLORA to send me some gorgeous flowers. Not only where they beautiful they had matched them to the colours on this very blog page, even painting leaves black! 

Here they are (and they are still going strong now)


  1. Lovely flowers how sweet. I think we all want friends like that, you are very lucky.

    Youngling is staring to speak now at 18 months but everything is 'duck'. Yes thats right a bird is a duck, a cat is duck or sometimes a cup. lol It will get easier - or so I'm praying. Good luck and take care Kate Collings xx - Always welcoming new followers, guests and comments xx

  2. My first went threw this. I notice it really common with boys only though; which is why you were spared with your little girl lol; lucky you... I have two boys lol. Boys just seem to be slower verbally; which makes sense in a way since all women love to chat up a storm lol. It will pass in time just stick to your guns and don't give into him.

  3. 's only coz you deserve them especailly in middle of all that messy house renovating!!
    I wouldn't worry about Not Boy - he will get there eventually - maybe Mini is talking too much for both of them?


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