Friday, 5 November 2010

Shouting in Whispers

Firstly, I want to say a massive thanks for the comments and tweets on the last post. It was hard to write, but in a way it was cathartic. 

In that respect, I now know what I want to say to her when we do speak or write, it kind of cleared my train of thought of just bawling my eyes out in a none to pleasant or useful way for either of us, which is what I would have done. 

With that in mind I am "opening the floor" so to speak, for anyone else who would like to write a letter in the same way, to a friend or loved one, of the things that, for whatever reason, you can't say. Believe me, its worth doing.

I used to write a diary as a teen, but rather than the usual "I went to.." or "I feel like..." style, I wrote letters to the people who bugged me. I wasn't very brave back then, so it was my way of shouting it out, but in ink rather than spoken. Shouting in whispers.

It made me feel I had an outlet to say what I felt. In fact its much better to say what you feel, but that's not always possible, due to a whole list of reasons, like losing touch, or just not speaking. I think I may make it a regular feature here, so am happy for you to email me with your own letter.

 Just please bear in mind that I don't want a Blognonymous-at-times type thing that happened where people took pot shots at someone else. And seriously, I don't need help getting myself in all kinds of trouble with my opinionatedness, so please, no content for which I could be sued!

I don't think Elton John was right when he sang that sorry seems to be the hardest word. Sorry is probably thrown in more times than its actually meant. Its a "get out of trouble" clause. 

I think the hardest words to say are "what can I do to make this better?" And the answer is pretty hard to say too. No one thinks their life will turn out the way it does, and its all relative, all based on the characters who join with you. Its never set out or shown to you in advance. 

This is a bit of a stab in the dark post. Its been written in a train of thought kind of way. I did stop for a minute, its the Twitter bug you see, its always busy at this time of the evening, and if I see a 1 new tweet at me, I have to go see. If only everyone could just be addicted to Twitter. It would be harmless, wouldn't it? 

Yes. I'm going to Cybermummy

I wasn't sure at first, but I think I had a giggle last year, I don't if I am very honest, remember much about the actual "learning" part, but I do recall having a laugh with Vic (@glowstars) and trying to steal her child. He is damn cute though. And crying when the personal posts were read. What a wuss. 

So, yeah, in the respect I want to see some of you nice people, and thank you all for reading my blog, I will be there, although this time I wont look like the most overdressed person there due to the Gurgles (best not mention that too loudly, we don't want to go there again). I am determined to wear jeans this time. And a tee-shirt. Determined! 

So, if you know of any nice people looking to sponsor slightly over opinionated, half mental, but nice in general bloggers, then myself and few others would like to say hi to them! Poor Sian will be as rushed off her feet I reckon as last year, she's a legend, I would not be motivated enough to run a shin dig like that, so more power to Sian.

If this post is weird, than I apologise. I'm really sleepy, actually, Littlest has decided 3am is a great time to wake everyone apart from Elder up, so yeah, feel like I've been to a 4 day rave at the moment! 

Letters- what would you say? Email me!

Apart from the lack of sleep, friend issues and overdoses of Twitter, I'm all good! So, if you have a post, actually any kind of guest post, I'm happy to post them here for you, let me know.

Have a good fireworks weekend (face it, its never just the 5th, is it?), be safe, and wrap up warm!


  1. ugh four day rave feeling ... ewww.... i hate these days... Mine still gets up at least ONCE a night *knock on wood* hasn't done it in a week though!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you at CyberMummy! Glad you've decided to come again. We're updating and expanding the schedule to include more "learning" and we'll be announcing those soon, so stay tuned.


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