Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Education For...Well, not You

Oh dear.

I am probably showing the old anarchist side here, but I actually quite sniggered at the students letting the Government know exactly what they think of the fees hikes.

Well, I say anarchist- what I mean is I once sat on a floor in the hall cos girls weren't allowed to wear trousers. Except we all ran when the Head said we'd get a letter home. That and most of the girls, bemoaning cold up the skirt region didn't help the cause by rolling up their skirts to somewhere just skimming their knicker line. But there you go, I felt very right on in a Woodstock era way at the time.

The thing is, whatever happened to Education for all? 

It starts to feel more like Education as long as Mumsy and Pa Pa can take time out from hunting and shooting parties to sign the cheque!

Sorry but in times when we are all constantly told that, as a nation, we are all responsible for the state of the economy and our spend it up and then borrow some more nature needs to end, does it not seem like bad timing to expect Students to sign themselves up to a decade at least of debt just to further themselves?

How does passing a law meaning that students who decide to go for it will end up being £40,000 in debt before they've even received their first pay cheque not mean forecasts of people in years to come at a young age with unaffordable debt.

And how about the current Unemployment levels- surely if more people who could have gone on to Further Education and then have a degree don't go as they can't afford to, then consequently more people will be on the look out for less skilled professions and thus the jobs per people rate will be even worse.

And then there are parents, like myself, who now look at our offspring and wonder if we'll be able to send them to uni? And how we'll afford to help them out? 

So, how many parents are going to start the cycle of borrowing against borrowing all over again? 

I'm guessing that in 15 years time we'll all be back listening to reports of recession yet again, and all being told to hang our heads in shame at sinking the country with all our credit and debt. 

But, should the future generation be made to lose out? Its not just students and parents up in arms either.
Even Lecturers are disgusted at the governments decision- and surely if these people are the Teachers, then it should be up to them?

What makes it worse is that today David Cameron told a group of students in Beijing that the fees of the UK students going up, would mean the fees paid by their foreign counterparts who come to study here would be going down to lower what the Brits pay.

Erm, that doesn't seem fair?

Surely everyone, who studies in the same place, at the same time, doing the same course should all pay exactly the same?

Now, while I think they were right to stand up for themselves, I don't think that smashing the windows helped, and I cannot justify the Student who thought that throwing an empty Fire extinguisher from the roof, that was not very clever at all and could've killed someone, but I don't think this will be the last off it.

Whoever thought Students just laid in bed most of the day, ate Pot Noddle and then got drunk all night, obviously got their facts wrong.

It shows how well the University system is doing that they are a group of educated, and socially aware people.

Good on them, and I really wish them luck.


And whilst I'm here, I am asking all parents, well anyone in fact, to join with me in shaming for allowing the sale of the book The Paedophiles Guide to Love and Pleasure. 

Amazon are a site which markets itself as family friendly, and who sell toys and games. What on earth has possessed them to stock a book which entails teaching a child how to make themselves more open to attack by a paedophile, and also gives these dregs of society rules on being a Paedophile?  

The comments section says it all, that this book is sick, and frankly, those who buy it should be investigated by the Police- who would buy this book? 

So, vote with your mouse and shop elsewhere- after all, Amazon will profit from sales of the tome, so bear that in mind when you buy online this Christmas. Disgraceful.

Oh and I'm not linking to it, I don't think its right to. Sorry.

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  1. my EX is 40,000 in the hole from schooling costs and he hasn't got his first check... you were RIGHT on!


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