Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Andrew Marr- YOU SUCK!

Erm, so can I just ask what suddenly makes philandering celebrities special and above being caught for naughty stuff?

Andrew Marr has selflessly (ahem) admitted (after 2 years) that he was one of the cheats who silenced a Newspaper from printing, in full, details of an extra marital affair between him and a fellow journo. Apparently, he says he feels bad for the gagging order as he didn't become a journalist to "gag" fellow journalists.


Not that he felt like a complete lying fraud. Or that he felt that, after 2 years, his wife may not want to ring his neck quite as much as if it had all come out publicly at the time.

Now, it doesn't surprise me that self important "celebrities" see it as all in a days work, and their right, to seek to cover up their naughty behaviour. Its not right, but,to be frank, I really am sick of newspapers being taken up with mindless trivial stories of lust and affairs and scantily clad slappers pouring out their hearts in my paper, when there are so many more important things which we should be concerned about both home and away. These people are brainless, and sorry, I really do not care what they get up to, or whether their equally brainless wives and girlfriends put up with it. I feel for the kids, and have respect for those who walk away rather than revelling in the public sympathy for being a doormat.

What I am really disgusted in is the other people, like Marr, and the apparent raft of high profile judges and politicians who are also taking advantage of these ridiculous "Super injunctions".

These are supposedly intelligent people, and, in the case of the Judges and Politicians, are meant to lead our country and see that the law is upheld. So what on earth are they doing spending time, and money in an effort to cover up their own indiscretions? Its not in the public's interest in anyway for these stories to be in the papers, granted, and it is, of course, for the family to sort out for themselves just as any other couple would in the situation.

What really riles me with these injunctions is the time they take up in court. When these cheats are in court, the time is being taken up which could be spent hearing real cases, important cases. I know of families who have been in limbo while they await their case against their attacker being heard in court, which is not good for the country, least of all the victim, as the prisons in this country are crammed with those on remand and more and more suspects are released on bail. Obviously, that gives them much more chance to re-offend or to simply disappear. 

With Marr, an odious little man who thought he was well within his rights to belittle Bloggers and accuse us all of having no life and "typing in our parents cellars" well, I'd rather be blogging than having many people pointing the finger and laughing at me. People in glass houses, I believe is the saying?!

I say scrap these injunctions, but please, I do not care how many people Ashley Cole sends pics of himself in his pants to, as long as its not me.


Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. I've been watching the AM show for some time now because I love a good moan on a Sunday morning. But he is a very annoying character and the MP's he gets on are equally as infuriating. I'll be honest, I don't think I'll be watching his show anymore, not that my one rating will make much difference, but I hate gossip papers, too.

    Incidentally, I have a real gripe with newspapers right now because I've been asking one or two feature my book (a little help with promotion etc) but they are always more interested in celebrity stories or doom and gloom. Our society today is appalling.

    CJ xx

  2. Well said! We were having that exact conversation here the other day, this whole injunction issue sets a precedent that cannot be good. What is with dickheads who think they are above everyone else? Especially since they prove to be anything but with this behaviour.

  3. It makes you wonder how on Earth he could be effective in his job as a reporter when he himself is involved in a conspiracy to hide the truth from other journalists.


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