Friday, 13 May 2011

I Went To Blog Camp, Drank Gin, and I Didn't Find My Tent

Yesterday, I traveled to the bright lights of Central London for Blog Camp.

Now, as you all know, I'm pretty organised- the night before, I had ironed mine and the Bratling's clothes, packed my bag (with my brand new notebook and pen), checked the weather report, to make sure my clothes were suitable.

I plonked Sally's phone number on my phone, checked my train and tube times, and written down the websites directions (Sally obviously realises that sense of direction is not my strong point, even saying what shops we'd pass en route).

Getting myself an early night by deliberately steering clear of Twitter, I set my alarm for 7am, and got a good nights rest.

After a leisurely brekkie making a fuss of both Bratlings as I'd be out until after lunch, I left at 8.15 for the 5 minute trip down the hill to the station. I made the 8.28am train to Paddington with a mere minute to spare, and got my phone out to see what everyone on Twitter was up to. 

I was due in to Paddington at 9.05, leaving me near on an hour to get to Broadwick Street by tube- and it was only 6 stops by tube.

Which is why within 5 minutes of leaving Slough train station, when we stopped I wasn't worried. I've been on a train through there loads of times, and sometimes because Slough is a busy station you get stopped for 10 minutes to let another train in-especially at rush hour.

After 10 minutes, the driver came over the radio- there had been an "Electrical fault" on the side of the line somewhere, and we were stuck for the foreseeable. 

We were stuck there for 20 minutes!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!

I ended up texting Sally to warn her of the delay, as all trains were backed up. 

I eventually got into Paddington- at 9.25. Nooooooo!!!!!!!!

I ran to the tube, managed to jump on by 9.35.

So that would be the end of my problems no? No!

Once two stops on the tube, another driver announced that due to a delay, there were more trains running than usual, so we would have to go really s-l-o-w to stop, well, I guess hitting the backside of another train.

Do you know what time I got off the Tube?


What time did Blog Camp start?


This is where those excellent directions came in very handy, as I beat a hasty retreat from Oxford Circus to the venue, getting there in 5 minutes flat and not being too unkempt when I did.

Then I just had time to say hi to Sandy and Carol, as well as Sally and Joanne, and lust after Vic's bright pink sky scraper shoes and her ability to walk in them without falling over.

The Conference itself was great, with loads of really good tips (you can find them all via Twitter, just look for #BlogCamp) and even an old timer (2 years next month) learnt some valuable tips. Of course, things change, and us non-geeks don't hear about them, so it was a great surprise to learn how much social media stat building has changed and grown.

We had some lush cakes, yummy sarnies, ice cream- yes ice cream- and then sat down for some more tips.

I was very pleased mine wasn't one of the blogs whose design was up for critique, but it has got me thinking that maybe my colour scheme is a bit POW sometimes. So watch this space for a new one shortly (and suggestions are gratefully received). That's when I work out how I did it in the first place!

After the event, which could have gone on all afternoon into the evening I enjoyed it so much, we all decamped to a local bar, which was quite posh, and carried on our blog discussions whilst drinking gin punch.

This wasn't any old gin punch. It was served in a paint pot, poured into smaller paint pots whilst sat in a paint roller tray. Only in London, eh?

Getting home slightly the worse for wear at 7.45 (I told Elder I'd be home at 4!) and persuading Mini to go to bed (she'd nodded off on the sofa waiting for me to come home. Yes I got the Mummy Guilt for that one!), I had a great time telling Elder, well, nowt about the tips side and all about Vic's shoes, his friend sending jokes to my phone some of which I shared, and all the goss. But sadly, the goss goes no further, as we all know what happens in the bar after a blogger event stays in the bar after a blogger event!

Apart from Sally dragging us casually through Soho, with all its naughty wares (and women) to get to the bar. I am shocked that my poor naive mind was put through that. Tee hee.

So, onwards to Cybermummy!

And apologies for not posting this morning- Friday The 13th (at a guess) hit Blogger!


  1. It was great wasn't it! I missed some of the SEO talk, as I had to run for the train, which was a shame. Was buzzing with ideas when I got home.

  2. just found your blog through the blow your own horn blog hop. Lots of great posts!

  3. I was much later than you, for various reasons, and then had to leave early too. I'm jealous you got some icecream as I had my eye on it!

  4. I loved our little walk through the streets of london.....

    found places I had never been before

  5. I find you again!! this time from MLM!

    Those cocktails did look good!!


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