Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Shoe Lust Meme

The patron saint of wearing sky scraper sex kitten shoes herself, Ms Glowstars, has tagged me in the Shoe Lust meme. Apparently, I have to 'fess up to how many shoes I own (in pairs, obviously), and I for once eternally grateful that Elder doesn't read my blog. Or at least I hope he doesn't as I have at least 4 pairs he thinks I got rid of between moving from Kent to Berkshire.

My issue is that I buy lots of pairs of shoes, both practical or otherwise, but, due to the extra bone in the back of my ankles, a lot of shoes end up rejected to the back of my wardrobe, as they rub too much to serve a purpose.

I also adore the idea of heels. See, the key word there is idea. Because, once I have bought these items, I wear them once around the house, realise I either cannot walk in them without falling over or look like a transvestite, or that I look like a transvestite who falls over in heels, that, again, these end up in the back of the wardrobe.

Mine are chain store shoes, I don't really part with much cash for shoes, its handbags I love (no chance of them hurting any parts of my anatomy unless the padlock on my Chloe Paddington whacks off my wrist and that hurts let me tell you) and handbags I part the most cash for. Or Topshop tops.

However, I have had a look see through my wardrobe, and around the house in general, and have found:

3 pairs of trainers, including one pair of Nike runners and 2 pairs of Converse (which reminded me to buy laces)
8 pairs of high heels (worn once a part from 2 pairs which I love and can walk in, from New Look and Next)
3 pairs of flip flop/flat sandals
3 pairs of (almost identical) tan wedges (love them) and one pair of blue Topshop wedges (too high)
2 pairs of winter boots
1 pair of fluffy, comfy slippers

Which is actually a crap amount of shoes compared with Ms Pires' 35(!)

The shoes I lust after are these:
There's no doubt I would break my neck, but at least when I flew A over T, everyone would say "look at her, falling over in her Louboutins", rather than "look at that tit in the cheap shoes". These are my "wish list" shoes. The last time something was on my wish list, was my Chloe Paddington bag- bought for me this year for my birthday!

So, fingers crossed!

WANT TO HAVE A GO? Feel free to tag yourself!

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  1. You know, if you ever want someone to take some of those shoes...


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