Monday 12 September 2011

Conversations With Littlest

At 3, Littlest is very different to his elder sister. Whereas Mini would out do most stage school kids for boundless confidence, and is happy to chat away all day (and all night- she talks in her sleep too), Littlest has always been the far more quiet of the two.

He can be quite shy, preferring to let Mini take the lead on games, songs and toys.

So, I was quite nervous about him going off to Nursery. Not only would he not have us parents there, even worse, for him, Mini wouldn't be around, at nursery or at home, all day.

However, I felt this would be a great opportunity for some quality Mummy and Boy bonding time.

Not so.

Despite having a good vocab these days, a typical, lunchtime walk home conversation goes like this:

ME: Did you have a nice time?
HIM: Yes
ME:Did you make any friends today?
HIM: Yes.
ME: What are they called?
HIM: Don't know.
ME: What about the little boy you were talking to at the gate?
HIM: Don't know
ME: OK, then, what did you do today?
HIM: Don't know
ME: Did you sing today?
HIM: Yes
ME: What did you sing?
HIM: Don't know.
ME (desperate for some knowledge of what he's been doing between 8.45 and 11.45) Did you do drawing?
HIM: Yes
ME: What did you draw?
HIM: Don't know.

At this point, I give up and we point out cars, trucks and anything else that takes his interest.

I am resigned to the fact that, whilst my ear aches with the chatter of Mini who remembers, and talks about, every single event however insignificant (including going to the loo), Littlest prefers to leave me in the dark.

Perhaps it's a boy thing?

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  1. Don't think it's a boy thing because this is what Phoebe is like as well. She has a vast vocab too, but to actually engage in a proper conversation with her is like getting blood out of a stone...she prefers to give me snippets throughout the day, when she feels like it. Can be frustrating when someone other than us asks her a question, because we know she knows the answer, but she just says 'I don't know' instead. Or she will happily chat away to herself, but if I join in, she'll go quiet again. It's only occasionally she will 'chat' normally to us. I am hoping now she's at school, her communication and confidence will get better. Fingers crossed!


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