Friday, 9 September 2011

Reflections on School Week 1

After positively counting down the days, or even seconds, until The Bratlings went to nursery (Littlest) and Infants (Mini), it was excitement that we all left the house at 8.30am on Tuesday.

I packed lunch for Mini the night before, checked and double checked her name tags and set out uniform and smart clothes ready for a relaxed morning.

For once, rather than it being a catastrophe regardless of my forward thinking, it went very well, and Elder took Mini in to her class whilst I walked Littlest round the front of the building to Nursery.

Mrs S, Littlest's teacher is great, and really gets how he may struggle a little with certain things because of his health.He is allowed to use a computer there, although she said he was reluctant at first. May be because generally the idea of him touching my PC fills me with dread- the last time he went near my laptop, he knocked it off a table and broke it.

I feel much better about him going out in the big wide world now without Elder or myself there watching him- I had the odd sleepless night prior to him going as I was worried the staff may not "get" how serious his illness can be. On the contrary, his teacher listened to my detailed explanation, and, to get a proper fell for Littlest, every parent is asked to fill out a questionnaire on their child's strengths, possible weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

He has come home a very happy chappy everyday, has made friends already and has not shed one tear over being left- that's my boy!

Meanwhile, Mini has been getting used to going to school all day long, and she's found it a breeze.

One parent likened her love of Mummying the upset kids in her class as being akin to Julie Andrews! She does like to be bossy, so any excuse to give a hug or help out someone not quite as confident as her, and she jumps right in.

They haven't been having regular lessons, yet, as the school likes to ease them slowly in. They also see the first few weeks as a chance for the children to form friendships and to get to know the school and teachers, especially their own, but I'm sure it wont be long!

She loves having her uniform on, and taking her own little lunchbox in. They also have to have a reading bag which is filled with info from the school- a lot of info. There are so many clubs and stuff to remember. Sadly though most of the clubs are for the year above her, so she'll have to wait until next year.

Overall, its been an easy week, and the Bratlings have really loved it. Phew!

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