Monday 23 January 2012

Is It Just Me Or: Was It Obvious Walliams Would be Smutty on BGT?

David Walliams, he's a tame comic isn't he? Never known to be rude, smutty, or controversial at all, right? 


I have to say that, on hearing that Simon Cowell had employed his services as a replacement for last year's line up- Michael McIntyre who simply wasn't funny sat behind a desk looking bemused and The Hoff, who is clearly one incident shy of a straight jacket- I was excited.

I have liked his style of comedy since he was on UK Play, on the old On Digital TV service. The first time I saw him, he was dressed as Gary Barlow, and it was incredibly well observed and thus funny. I've always thought that the team behind Bo'Selecta nicked the idea for taking off celebs in a not so flattering way from that early series, but never came close to how good it was. 

He's probably better known for Little Britain, which is hardly the tamest comedy out there, and isn't what I'd class as family viewing. 

It's in my "comedy similar to the old school sketch and one-liners of the past" list, and I have been known to recite lines from it. "Computer says no" anyone?

He is hardly known for being shy of being a bit close to the mark, and I would have half expected him to turn up for the first audition in one of his "I'm a Laydee" outfits.

Unfortunately, despite a good 80% of under 50s knowing exactly what to expect from David and his style of comedy, Simon Cowell obviously mixed him up with someone else. Its been reported since yesterday that Mr Cowell is less than happy with his latest signing's brand of remarks.

Now, I for one love the idea of someone sarcastic on that judging panel. I know when I watch any TV Talent based show, from this to X Factor, I have to be sarcastic on Twitter. It would be like all our collective and best sarcastic (and occasionally quite mean) tweets would be up there, on stage, as a judge. 

Amanda Holden (I don't know why but I always want to affix "Bless her" to the end of Amanda Holden's name) is nice to everyone, and is polite enough to laugh behind her hands at the truly talentless acts. Simon is obviously going to be Mr Nasty, a pantomime alike role he glorifies in. Alesha, well, I think Simon is looking for an edgy injection in the same way as when he added Tulisa to X Factor. Either that or he just wants to annoy the BBC. 

So, surely, Walliams fits in by being naughty? 

I, for one, have found it boring for quite sometime, Piers was OK, but dull, and the other pair from last year made me turn off the whole series by the end of episode one. It was crap, end of.

Perhaps to breathe life into it, having someone known to be as hilarious in an unconventional way as David Walliams is worth shifting the show to post watershed.  Or just edit it out for family viewing at an earlier slot, and show it, uncut, on ITV2 later? 

I really hope they don't sack him or tone him down- elsewise what was the point in employing him in the first place?

Let me know your thoughts- who would be your judging dream team?

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  1. I totally agree with you about David Walliams. He just doesn't fit in to that panel. I don't know how his humour is going to go down with the general public. There will be some people who get him and some who just won't understand what he is jesting about. His humour can be full of innuendos and he does sail very close to the wind, so I am interested to see how he goes down with the audience. Alesha Dixon is such an obvious choice, I am sure she will do a good job. I enjoyed the Hoff last year I have to say, will miss him this year.


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