Monday, 6 February 2012

Britmums Live Meet and Greet- This Is Moi

Yep, that's right, I'm going to Britmums Live (bagsy first place in the queue for a chat with Ruby Wax), thanks to my lovely sponsors The Book Club UK (go check out their great range of children's books), so I'm joining in once again with the yearly Meet and Greet.

Here is me:

Except this was before my hair got cut (8 inches off. Scary), so its a bit more like a long bob now.

My eyes are green, hidden behind 50s secretary style specs which are purple. They were chosen by Mini, who is much more fashion forward than me, and picked glasses I'd never have looked at twice if she hadn't passed them to me.

I am a SAHM of two, known as The Bratlings- they are Mini (or Chrissy as only her teacher ever calls her), who is nearly 5, and Littlest (or Eddie) who is 3 and a bit. I also have Elder, known to his loved ones as Ed (the Elder came about due to having two Edwards in the house. They were originally Ed The Elder and Ed The Littler, but my fingers got knackered typing that every time I wrote about them).

I am 30 (on Friday), so until recently and from June 2009, I was known for better or worse as 20somethingmum. But we're all over that now! I like to think that being 30 will mean I become wise, however I think it's more likely that I'll turn even more grey and have more winkles, and still be a pain in the backside once in a while.

I am 5 foot 8 (on tiptoes). I seem to have shrunk about 2 inches, which is annoying. I wont be in heels- I tried that last year and crippled myself.

I am on Twitter as @TheLazyGirlBlog, I'm also on Facebook and Britmums. Sometimes I comment at Heatworld, but only to be disparaging about celebs I don't like.

I'm kind of known as chief Gob in blogging, but I'm on my best behaviour. I bite my tongue these days as I'm so over arguing over nowt. Its all good people, enjoy yourselves.

I like to write, I am fiercely protective of family and friends, I'm known in some circles as "The Human Jukebox" such is my stupid and pointless knowledge of music from any decade. I also have a head for random pointless facts too. In fact, if I had been as good at remembering equations as I am at remembering the order which Jordan went out with different men, I'd probably be a PHD by now. 

I'm massively into Pinterest- in fact worse than I have ever been with Twitter or blogging. I don't seem to follow the tags people generally use for their boards, but I can scour Google and the like for hours when the Bratlings are in bed for images. 

Food wise I'm pretty easy to please, and I love to cook- so much so that I now have a cooking blog (I know, right?) I did use to run and solely write Family Panel reviews but I got hopelessly bored and am now setting up a funky team to write it instead. 

Dislikes? Probably the Tory government, people who lack their own ideas and pinch other people's to pass them off as their own, everyone being skint due to greedy bankers, Wizard of Oz and toothache. Oh and I'm not that keen on Elvis Presley either. 

Very excited to see you all, and make sure you come say hi to me- I may be of the Old Skool of blogging, but I don't bite! 

If anyone is coming via Train and tube, get in touch as I prefer the safety in numbers approach so can arrange a meet up on the way. Seriously, if the trains are like last year when all my carefully planned route got shafted due to cancellations, (then I got to The Brewery and remembered I had sat nav on my phone), its a good idea to be in a group, as whilst a few of us panic there will be a sensible person.


  1. Looking forward to meeting some virtual friends in actual skin. :)

  2. Just popping over from the "Meet and Greet". It's my first time at a blogging event so very exciting and now I know a real-life friend who just happens to have started blogging is coming too I'm not so nervous about getting there!! I too like the idea of safety in numbers ;)

  3. Hello! Glad to hear you don't bite - always a worry of mine as a newbie when I come across well established blogs that look so much more experienced than my humble offering. See you in June, looking forward to it.


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