Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Luxury travel: Shopping & Coffee in Madrid*

If you like shopping, and you like Madrid, then you’re in for a treat. I’ve discovered a Madrid travel map they’ve just published, which their ‘Style Hunters’ made after visiting the city recently!

Boticca.com’s a unique fashion platform that people from all over the world who make unique jewelryandfashion accessories can showcase and sell their work on. Your classic online marketplace – but really chic.

Boticca’s bespoke Madrid shopping map

Not just anyone can get on there and sell their stuff, either. They employ Style Hunters who actually travel the world (best… job… EVER) and source unique collections and meet the designers themselves!
So this is where the Madrid Map was born, apparently… And word on the street is that this is the first of a whole series of maps for different cities!
Just to accompany this excellent map here are some of the excellent cafes to visit while there. Coffee and shopping, with a little cake thrown in for you?Mm?
So, in no particular order, here were my top three:
  1.        Chocolateria San Ginés

 Pasadizo San Ginés, 5 (Metro stop: Sol or Opera)

It’s hot in Madrid… but not too hot for this café’s famous mud-thick hot chocolate!! Not to mention its melt-in-the-mouth churros (that’s twirly pieces of deep-fried batter dipped in chocolate to you and me)! My Spanish friend took me here at night when, according to her, I could see this place is at its very best. It. was. ace.

Just thought I’d convey to you just how yummy churros are! Mmmmm… 

  1.  Nuevo Café Barbieri

Calle Ave Maria, 45 (Metro stop: Lavapies)

This is in a cool spot – in Madrid’s international centre. And don’t be put off by its scruffiness, either… This is where the cool kids hang!
  1.  Cafe Commercial

Glorieta de Bilbao, 7 (Metro stop: Bilbao)

Having opened way back in the 1880s, Commercial is said to be Madrid’s oldest continuously operating café. And from what I can remember, it’s been in the hands of the same family ever since! And although it is pretty ancient, it’s got an upstairs Internet café – unless you just want to relax with a good old-fashioned book downstairs, in which case there are comfy seats galore.
So if you plan on trying out Boticca’s travel map for size, then give yourself a break in between with these lovely cafes – they’ve all got something really different and special to offer, and are the best of the ones I got taken to when I was over there last year.


  1. 'Style Hunter' sounds like an amazing job! Imagine travelling round the world seeking out the bets new fashions; Incredible!

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    Wonderful luxury travel with nice shopping and coffee in Madrid. Thanks for Sharing and keep blogging.


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