Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Help Find Tia!

OK guys, this is a serious post here, so leave any negativity at the door and read on.

Its the summer hols, and the sun has been shining at last,and everyone is excited about how ell we're all doing in the Olympics.

Perhaps that's why the story of missing pre-teen Tia Sharpe has gone widely unnoticed outside of social media.

Tia is 12, and, on Friday afternoon she left her Gran's house in New Addington to pop over to the Whitgift Centre in nearby Croydon. Tia forgot her mobile phone (like most kids do, hell, I'm 30 and I'm always forgetting mine) and, despite not taking her Young Person's Travelcard, most drivers will let kids Tia's age jump on and off of buses and trams regardless.

That was the last any of Tia's family have seen or heard of her, and, despite extensive checks of CCTV, there has been no sightings whatsoever.

Her family are, understandably out of their minds with worry for this pretty and happy girl- she isn't a troubled kid, no underlying issues, and has never run away before. 

When Tia went missing, she had on a yellow bandeau style top, grey leopard print leggings, Nike high top style trainers and was wearing her FCUK glasses. She may have had a small amount of cash on her at the time. She is reported to have friend's who live in the Wimbledon, Mitcham and Croydon areas. Although she is still quite a playful child, she is clued up on travelling around the city.

If you have seen Tia, or know where she may be, PLEASE, PLEASE get in touch with Merton Police station, using the 101 number (free from any phone or mobile) and quote reference number 12MIS025216. If that's hard to remember, I'm sure just saying you have information on Tia's whereabouts will be fine.

I really hope Tia has just stayed out late and is worried she may be in trouble, but her family say she isn't, they just want what any frantic family wants- to know she is safe and well.

Let's help find Tia guys, feel free to copy and paste this blog wherever you like x

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