Wednesday 8 August 2012

The Olympics and Team GB- OK I was Wrong!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said that Team GB sucked. I said we would be embarrassed by how bad we were at the Olympics and it would all be worse than ever because it happens to be in London.

Never let it be said I can't admit when I make an epic error. 

Team GB have rocked, and whilst we may not be in first in the medal table, we are only being beaten by mammoth Olympic teams the USA and China. Both of whom, in our defence, have huge populations. I saw a report that suggested that, if our own little island had the same population as China, we'd have won about 300 medals by now. Being rubbish at maths, I have no idea if this was made up or accurate, but, it's enough for me.

It has to be pointed out that, pound for pound (of flesh) our team has the pretty hot talent too. There is cute Tom Daley, the men's so fit its wrong Gym team, not to mention the swim team too. Phwoaarrrr. Who knew sport could be so entertaining. Even Mini is hooked, and loves Tom Daley and his little prawn self. 

Speaking of Mini, the Olympic bug has firmly bitten her on the behind. Off she went to the seaside with her Aunt at the weekend, and she tried Body Boarding. Yes, my 5 year old who cannot swim went body boarding- she's brave doing that cos there is no way you'd get me on one of those in the sea! She wants to do gymnastics at school too, after watching my fave sport on TV. 

Yes, we rock, and despite old misery pants himself Morrisey bemoaning the sudden wealth of patriotism that has swept the UK in ever increasing bursts, I think it's a something to cherish. There are flags everywhere, everyone is upbeat, the good feeling that every medal has brought is something I hope continues.

Even the weather has been brill for a change. When we had our party on Saturday, we had to keep turning to the sports page of BBC online to check on Jess, Mo and the rest to see how we were doing, and a collective cheer went up on hearing we'd won more golds.

So, I hope the spirit of Team GB and the positivity it has brought in us all continues.

That and I hope to see more of the fitties in Heat magazine! Miaow!


  1. Sure, they've got bigger populations, but so does India...

    It doesn't have as much to do with their numbers as it does their skill level/competitive drive that's honed from a much younger age.

    1. Sorry if that was taken the wrong way, it was just quoted from a newspaper article.
      I do agree that we need to use what enthusiasm the younger generation has for the Olympians and encourage more participation in sports rather than sports arcade games! It would be lovely to have a legacy whereby we'll always be at the good end of the tables!

  2. I am proud of team GB too.
    Btw nice to see an anon comment here that is not harsh


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