Monday, 12 November 2012

Double Beds on the Labour Ward? Have the NHS Gone Mad?

This was a headline I saw being discussed on TV this morning, and I had two reactions. Firstly I wanted to check it wasn't April 1st, and secondly I spat my coffee out in shock.

The NHS- you know, them of the lack of funds, epic failings on waiting times, sometimes rude staff and general "only go if you really have no choice" (eg a limb falling off which you can't sew back yourself)- has decided to place double beds on Labour and Maternity wards. They believe this will make Dad's feel more involved right from the start, as they can snuggle up in bed right from the first push.

As a woman, I have to say- hell no! Are you mad?

I have had children, and both times Elder was in attendance. He was a little late to the occasion at Littlest's speedy and scary premature birth, however, he saw enough of it to know what goes on. He was there from the off with Mini's elective, 40 weeks birth the year before.

I love Elder, truly, I do. But the idea of him lying beside me whilst I ungracefully babbled incoherently whilst high as a kite on drugs during the sections just fills me with horror. Can you imagine? At differing points during having Mini, I wanted to ring his neck, then hug him, then sing Once in a Lifetime (the song that was in my head during Mini's birth) to him. I got the shakes. I lost 3 pints of blood.

This was far from my finest hour.

Just think, if I feel this way, imagine those who push the baby out as nature intended. I have been told by fellow Mum mates that during some natural labours they lash out at the Dad to be, sweat profusely, swear, and can, erm, have toilet accidents from the pushing. Eww.

I don't know if the NHS is in cahoots with the government to curb the birth rate, but I doubt many new Dad's would want to go back to their usual sex life after lying next to that for several hours.

This idea is also going to cost around £25 million to achieve. £25 MILLION! For double beds!!! Where are they buying them, Harrods?

It just seems like that kind of money could be used elsewhere, in hiring more Midwives for the over stretched wards.

Bonding with Baby: Best done at home
They also forget about the numbers of single Mums who will feel even more like they stick out like a sore thumb with their double bed being half empty. I know a few Mums where the Dad had scarpered before the birth, and they felt uncomfortable in a single bed. Or will they offer singles for those who want them?

Elder did lots with Mini and eventually Littlest when he came home. He didn't need a double bed with an old crone of a midwife tutting at him during the night in hospital. He got me tutting at him in the night once we got home! I breastfed Mini so no amount of night time in the hospital would have worked, as he simply didn't have the equipment to perform the task (as he was fond of telling me at 2am. And 3am. And 4am).

No, its certainly not something I would have liked when I was giving birth.

What's your view? Good idea or appalling waste of money? Let me know below!

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  1. This seems bloody stupid! If they want to make the dad feel more involved then surely they could change the policy on kicking men off the ward at 10pm.
    My partner was kicked off the ward at 4 in the morning once our son was born, which was heart braking as he was desperate to start.

    The money they plan to spend on this really would be better spent on more midwives.


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