Wednesday 13 March 2013

A Vigil for Bieber's HAMSTER? Bitch Please!

* if you're a Beileber, or under 16, you may want to look away now.....

Justin Bieber, he of the frankly crap songs and poor time keeping is in the news and collective thoughts of his army of nut job fans today as he has suffered a devastating (cough) loss.

As a result, fans are holding tearful candle lit vigils for this lost soul.

All sounds quite nice and respectful, and not even slightly mental until you find out he lost his sodding hamster.

Now, hamsters aren't known for having a long old life span, hence why you may have a hamster indoors for your kids which only you know is about the third variation of its original.

I'm all for animal rights and freedom of expression but how bat shit crazy are teen girls these days that the death of a rodent only one step up the vermin ladder (and lets face it if one crawled out at you in the kitchen you're going to broom that bugger, not ask if its a friendly pet or a rat) calls for a candlelit vigil and hysterical blubbing.

What on earth is fuelling this massively over the top behaviour regards one pop star? In the last few weeks alone, we've had girls review his album, favourably and get death threats as they don't class themselves as the hardcore of Bieber fan, and we've had mass hysteria and hanky clutching because he fainted during a show.

This was as far as we went in 1992-I've had this since I was 10. And it still fits! 

I hold my hands up and freely admit I loved Take That back in the day. We were just fans though, we didn't have stupid fan names, and although there were hardcore fans who turned up everywhere the guys went, these girls were viewed with scorn and as a bit weird (not to mention they must have been stupidly well off to travel around the world).

My sum total of fan behaviour was to wear a T-shirt and carry a lunchbox. I had posters, I bought CDs tapes and records and knew lyrics. But some of these fans are so desperate to know every single fact about their idols that the press will go out of its way to dissect even the most tedious of info, from credit files (as felt by Beyonce and Jay Z amongst others this week), to the inside leg and sexual habits of Wand Erections Harry (Yvette Fielding? Really?).

Girls have had to leave Twitter and Facebook simply for being linked as a possible snog to Bieber and Wand Erection. Surely if they like the boys so much, its better that a) their idol is happy and b) not gay and thus completely off limits to girl lust? 

Where will it end? And where is the parental control? I saw one Mum crying with her child after the Bieber two hours late due to hissy fit debacle. 

Sure, I knew that Mark Owen's Iguana was called Nirvana. But I didn't cry myself into needing valium when it died.

Seriously, things have gone too far, and we need a collective bitch please, when kids are skipping school to wail over a hamster they never met, belonging to a teen only getting ever more stupidly rich off their pocket money.

Sort it out!


  1. Great post. Fans do seem to be bordering on hysteria nowadays. I think it's because their idols seem more accessible in today's world. Girls can spend hours searching for new stories, hanging around on fan forums, stay glued to their idol's twitter feed and facebook fanpage... the list goes on. With so much access to information they develop unhealthy obsessions.

  2. Mark Owen's iguana is dead?!? Oh please no, I just don't know how to deal with this news.


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