Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dear Bounty Mutineers: Did You Think We Wouldn't Get OUR Voices Heard?

Sooooooooo my lovelies. 

I have been:

Personally attacked on Twitter (standard)
Had my beliefs and motives questioned (u-huh)
Started a petition (You know me guys)

Lived to tell the tale.

You know what I really do not like in Social Media? That some people who should know better resort to thinking that it's their way or the highway. That there should not be an opposing view. That they are right. Full stop, end of, and no one has the right to say anything.

Can I get a collective hell no please in here?

The thing is, my issue (or ishoo as I always feel with these things is more appropriate) is that social media is there to set the tone To push the trends. To spark thoughts, feelings and friendly debate.

It is not to spearhead a campaign, however worthwhile you feel it it is, and then, when quite a few people do what is morally right and the reason for social media and say, after considering your view I'd like to publicly say I don't agree, to mud sling, name call and be downright rude and abusive.

Now, one of the main people behind this sudden and not unexpected shit storm of abuse has, in my view, been behind a fair few troll incidents over the years. I don't just suspect on these, I know, I have proof. Do I feel anger towards them? Nope. I feel quite sorry for them, that they have had to hide until now. I'm pleased they've finally grown a pair (as I often invite anonymous trolls to do) and stood with their names firmly beside it. I'm not impressed that they have been downright nasty to a mate of mine who is currently not very well. That makes me angry. Me, I am a pro at this now, I know my views will spark nasty people being gormless. I can take it now.

However, I must dip my hat to a few Mumsnetters and anti Bounty supporters who I had a lively and not at all nasty debate with. We don't agree, but it's fine. That's life right?

I want to say, publicly, that my views on Bounty is nothing to do with my view on Mumsnet. It has nothing to do with certain people who I don't feel empathy towards being involved. It's not to do with stats, hits, Klout or nowt else. Those who know me know I couldn't give two shakes about any of that.

It is to do with my belief that we have a powerful medium here, in our blogs, our tweets. We can, and we do bring about changes, big and small. Some of those who I most admire in blogging have used their little slice to help out all manner of good causes. 

In my view, and I'm not alone, this is not about Bounty. It's not about the packs they give out, or the photos they take, or the forums they host. It's about the NHS as a whole.

The NHS is in danger of collapsing. I spend enough time in and out of hospitals with Littlest to know that they are struggling. I have family within the NHS- Elder used to be a Nurse himself. 

Waiting times are ridiculous, admin via Computer networks that have cost millions have failed and people's info is lost. Some, not all, of the staff in hospitals are not up to scratch, but are there because there is no other option.

We have several hospital trusts being investigated for their death rates. We have Queens in London that has had horror stories regards births that resulted in death. 

I firmly believe that in the year 2013, we should not have to go into a maternity wing and pray we come out with our babies and our lives. 

Labour, and the days after it, should be a joyous occasion. Not a constant upset like it was for me and many others. 

Was that upset down to a Bounty lady? A Bounty bag? No. It was down to staff who were tired, grumpy, busy and lost their temper with the wrong people. The patients.

I should not have had Littlest early. If my records hadn't have been lost twice then sent to someone else maybe, just maybe, his early birth could have been prevented. Now he is close to five, I have to look him in the face every time he asks me why he was early, why he is ill? I can't think of an appropriate answer other than because he is special.

Was that Bounty's fault? No.

Both times I had sections and my scars became infected, requiring antibiotics that made me even more tired than I already was. Was that Bounty's fault? No.

I know I have made mistakes in blogging, lost my cool, perhaps ranted when I shouldn't have done. But I'm an adult, I'm only human, and I can say, hand on heart, I'm sorry. Do I deserve abuse? No (but I'll leave it up to you readers).

To close, I will always voice what I feel is right. You cannot start a campaign and just expect no one to disagree. That's the power of freedom of speech. Its a wonderful thing.

If you'd like to say no to the Bounty Mutiny, then sign the petition. If you couldn't care less either way, then that's cool too. I respect your views, all of them (even the ones on cheese and onion crisps being nicer than salt and vinegar ones. Or Wand Erection being a good band).

The petition is at: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/uk-government-ignore-mumsnet-over-their-bounty-mutiny Feel free to share!

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  1. thefamilypatch3 July 2013 at 10:20

    I'm sorry that people have turned nasty and made it personal! There is nothing worse than someone believing that their voice is the only one that should be heard. I am all for debate, even the heated ones, so long as there remains respect throughout.


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