Saturday, 5 October 2013

Is It Just Me: Who Thinks the Sins of One's Parent's Should Not Be Used Against Us?

See, I may be one of a few people here, but I like Ed Milliband. I'm not a Labour voter, never have been, nor were my parents growing up. I wasn't a fan of Blair, I did like Gordon Brown as he seemed like a tragic character (and Sarah was lovely too), but vote for them? No, I never did.

Why do I like Ed? Well, for the reason most voters don't like him, regardless of his frankly obvious ideals on how to help those who actually need help without bankrupting the country (something the Tories will never do).

There is no razzamatazz. No showiness to him. To my mind, its about the politics. Not that my PM could at any moment host the Lotto gameshow at the drop of a hat whilst decked out in a spangly jacket. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that the leader is a political one, what with the charisma of Blair and now Smugron appearing in Wand Erection videos. Its no  way to run a country. 

But I digress.

This week, much has been debated on whether the Fail were right to publish a headline and article suggesting that Ed's Dad "Hated" Britain, and was a marxist. 

As electioneering goes, it's just a tad that side of completely and inexcusably out of order. 

Yes, they can support the Tories if they wish (they would, their owner is disgustingly wealthy and probably does well out of the lack of interest the Tories pay to the idea of Mansion Tax and paying one's way fairly through taxation *cough* offshore account *cough*), but feeling that it is legitimate reporting to slag off a man who died several years ago, and to try and suggest Ed may be about to go Marxist too is a disgrace, and one I sincerely hope the Press Complaints Commission brings them to task for.

Which brings me to my question: Should we, as the offspring, be held accountable or even complicit in things our parent's do?

Another instance of this came to light when Amanda Hutton was sentenced for the shocking way she neglected her child and then, on his death left him to slowly mummify in his cot.

Yes, she deserves everything she gets. She is the epitome of why some people should never be allowed to raise a child.

However, I read further that her eldest child has been given a suspended sentence for failing to bury his dead baby brother.

Yes, he is a grown man. Yes, if the world was right and things like this didn't happen, he should have reported it. He told the court that the reason he didn't was simple. His evil mother, capable of starving her own child to death, a nasty, evil drunk who God knows what she did to the rest of her kids, threatened that should he shop her, she'd set the home on fire and kill the rest of the children- his siblings- all 5 of them.

The photos from that hell hole do nothing but show a woman who allowed her family to live in squalor. An absentee father- convicted of beating his ex in front of the children- who voiced concerns yet didn't go to the house after not seeing his child for two years. Social workers and health professionals who did nothing. 

So why pick on her son? Why taint his life further with a criminal record, making him almost semi involved on purpose for his brothers demise?

Its frankly disgusting and I hope he has the wherewithal or support to appeal. Regardless of age, who knows what that man has witnessed, what long-term damage has occurred. Prosecute his father. Or others who yet again shake their heads and look sad and decree lessons will be learnt.

So, no. We are individuals and we don't choose who are parents are. 

We don't play a part in how they raise us or what they believe. They shape us, not the other way round.

What's your view?

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