Tuesday 11 March 2014

The (Not So) Dreaded Parents Evening, 2014 Edition

Tonight, we had to stand around in the cold even longer than usual after school, as it was that time of year again where you are herded into a classroom which comfortably fits 25 5-6 or 6-7 year olds but is slightly tight for space when filled with parents.

Yes, the group Parents Evening.

I think, despite the claustrophobia, that I prefer the mass Parents Evening to the scarier individual one. You can generally get away with a glance at the books, a few positive nods for a certain drawing or piece of maths and a quick chat with the teacher and be done and dusted in under 5 minutes per child. 

I also have to admit, that, now both Brats seems to be doing very well, and Mini's teacher this year gets her and her, shall we say "artistic temperament" (and encourages her), and we are no longer the parent's everyone listens out for, I can now assume the position of eavesdropping on other parent's teacher conversations.

And before you all pour scorn on me, don't say you've never actively tuned in to the discussions between the harassed teacher and the parent's of that kid who you know is always being told off (and in the case of our school, habitually pulled aside outside of the classroom where it is far too loud to listen in on).

 Being nosy aside, I have to say both The Brats are doing pretty well. Littlest is catching up considering he is half a year behind and has time off sporadically due to his ill health. He is far outreaching other's in Maths. They do some new challenge where they ask the kids to pick what maths they do (I'm assuming that there isn't a "not for me, I'd rather read comics or surf the net" option), and how hard the maths in, and he always picks the hardest level. He clearly does not get this maths skill from me. I can barely add up with the aid of a calculator.

Mini is still not interested at all in maths- my fault entirely as to be fair I was exactly the same. However, her handwriting is much improved, and when they all get together to make up a story, she is by far the one who gets into it, and would carry on for double the time the rest do before they get bored or go onto doing something else.

It's nice to see two kids who are mine doing well at a mixture of things. As I said to a disappointed Mini, if you're great at everything without trying, life would be pretty boring. It's much nicer to have something to work towards, and, in the same way she read Green Eggs and Ham over and over for a month before she could read it without stumbling, so she will eventually do the same with maths.

As for Littlest, he appears to be much more able to keep up than previously, and has gone from someone who could barely hold a pencil to writing and problem solving for fun. 

Safe to say that regardless at this age it's all relative, I'm happy if they are happy, and at this age they are still so young and have plenty of time to progress.

I am still quite a proud Mummy this evening though.

Are you off to Parent's Evening? Do you dread them? Let me know below....

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  1. Aww!! Well done!! Sounds like everything is going really well!!
    We had ours a couple of weeks ago....I dread them but it all went fine! I was a very proud mummy too :)


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