Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Is It Just Me: Or Is New Technology a Gigantic Bloody Faff?

I am off to Britmums Live on Friday. Yay! Yippee! (and thanks Harper Collins, my amazingly nice and lovely sponsors- go sign up on the badge guys!)

We, and by we I mean myself and my little group of girls, are broke. In different degrees, of course, but we have a lack of funds between us for one reason or another. So, I thought, lets load up my iPod and bring my mini dock and possibly have a little drink in the hotel after Fridays awards.

Which meant I had to redo my whole iPod as the Evil Genius boy decided to bugger it, again. In fact, what happened was he decided to disable wireless on the laptop just before the kick off of the England game on Saturday, when we could only stream it as the scaffolding was still up and it had knobbled the Signal to the Sky. Hence, Elder tried, between 10pm and 3.30pm Sunday to make it work again, reloading the whole of Windows, Toshiba and anything else. After all, a laptop is not great if you need to connect it to the broadband without wireless.

It turned out to be a switch on the front. Which I found in five minutes after he had gone for a break to the shop.

I spent 2 hours earlier with the external hard drive on, copy and pasting songs to my Music folder and to iTunes. 

I had to download some tunes as there was new stuff I wanted on there too.

I then had to wipe the iPod- what is with that? Having to wipe the bloody thing every time you need to sync it? If there's a way to do this without wiping it I'd love to know it.

I've done it before though, so I thought it'd be very easy and happily all my tunes would be on my iPod all shiny and new.

Nope, they wouldn't.

I got an error message. And only Blurred Lines was on the whole 4gb of iPod.

Now, I like Blurred Lines. Its a song before anyone gets all feminist and moans about it being anti women and wrong. I am aware of hysteria about it, and that Robin Thicke is a bit sleazy. But to me, its a song.

I do not, however, want to listen to it and nothing else.

I swore at the cursed iPod. That didn't work. I threatened it that I would stamp on it. That didn't work either.

Which got me thinking- modern tech is a pain in the bloody arse actually.

What was wrong with a walkman and copious tapes? I cannot record off the radio onto an iPod. I cannot give it a new battery without requiring a professional who will charge me more than the thing is worth after a year. I cannot funk it up with stickers from Smash Hits magazine.

I have so much shit with tech, I almost delete my whole entire blog at least twice a year, just by trying to tweak it or download it to back it up.

And swearing at it makes no odds either. If you threw a Sony walkman, it survived. If I throw my phone, it would smash and die, as would my blasted iPod.

I finally managed to put 257 songs on it. It means I will not do it again until forced to. It took me a year to bother this time. 

With tapes, you knew were you were. There were no flac files to convert to mp3, just Simon Mayo to intertwine with a Take That album track. The only problem was the battery. And you knew when that was on its last legs as everyone singing sounded mildly pissed.

Bring back the tape and burn your iPod.

You'll feel so much better if you do.

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