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Britmums: My Kitchen Story with Fairy Platinum

Those of you who know me or follow me via Instagram will know that I have a massive problem with kitchen stuff. I simply cannot resist anything and everything to do with my kitchen and buying plates and measuring jugs and anything else I can get my mitts on. 
So much so that, even though Mini had gotten bored of receiving Dora Cooks magazine twice a month, I carried on the subscription to collect the brightly coloured bits of kitchen loveliness that came with it.

I am a born again Kitchen lover. I never could cook until about 5 years ago, when Littlest's allergies first became a problem. Now I love nothing more than spending hours cooking, baking and generally searching out more and more stuff to pretty the place up.

Recently, I hit a snag though.

When we moved, having three bedrooms and a garden on a nice street that we could afford were key. So, by way of getting these things, the kitchen is now much smaller than my mammoth one. But it doesn't leak, and the window actually shuts and opens normally without having to be taped shut at all times. Plus points if ever there were some.

However, I had to say goodbye to my beloved big range cooker. The new house had a small cooker, which is fine and dandy, and came with a fridge freezer and a microwave too. It did not come with space for my Combi Oven, or my juicer. Or have any actual kitchen draws. So, instead, Elder has semi lost what was going to be his Man Shed, where he was going to set up a studio of sorts and a beer fridge, as it has shelves where the over spill of my kitchen addiction has gone.

I love to call my kitchen now, "small but perfectly formed". It has nice white cupboards, some funky chrome shelves, and is very modern compared to the one old. Its much easier to keep clean. My knick knacks and things do look much better in it.

Some of my favourite kitchen bits are:

My Mincer: I got this from The Shop. It actually works really well, but in my old kitchen I used to have to use an offcut of skirting board to attach it to as the worktop was too thick. That meant Elder had to mince whilst I held it for dear life, hence we've only used it once so far.  It works bloody well though, its great for leftovers of a Sunday Roast.

My Keep Calm Clock: I got this from Facebook, I have a Keep Calm picture of some sort in most rooms of the house, including the kids rooms. Elder hates the Keep Calm thing, he says its chavvy but I love it. As affirmations go its an easy one to remember.

My Coffee picture: This was bought from the same place as the clock, I think I got it all for about a fiver. Its made to look like an old Shop Sign. I love coffee, it keeps me going on a daily basis. Elder isn't a fan of coffee shops but I love a good latte.

I love retro too, so I also wont stick any of these in the shed, including my Space Invaders magnetic noteboard, my biscuit tin that looks like a vintage radio, my cocktail mixer that mixes itself (so James Bond in theory but actually pretty crap) and my big bread bin. I also have my sign that says "bake" that Mini picked out from a boot fair for me. 

Nothing has cost me very much, through my being a thrifty bugger, but it works and its me and its eclectic.

I have written this post for Britmums as part of their Kitchen Tales linky with Fairy Platinum dishwasher tabs. Now, I don't have a dishwasher but my lovely sis in law does, who deserved me giving her something in return for her being very kind when we moved by offering to sort out our deposit should we need it (we didn't, but cheers anyway Sis!). She thinks they're rather smashing compared to her usual brand and do exactly as promised, which is good as she's never got a minute to wash up herself being a full time Mum and working full time too. Anything that gets her five minutes peace is a god send.

I love my little new kitchen, its my sanctuary from the daily grind. What do you love in your house?

*“This post is an entry for the “My Kitchen Story” Linky Challenge, sponsored by Fairy Platinum

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  1. celebratingmums17 June 2014 at 10:58

    I love your kitchen bits and am just the same for loving kitchen stuff and never can get enough of it. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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