Friday 30 January 2015

Is It Just Me: Wondering What The Fuss Is About Kim Sears Swearing?

If you've missed the headlines, the lovely fiancee of Andy Murray, Kim Sears was caught by the swing of a camera, swearing at his opponent during a heated match.

So what? I actually think the headlines this morning should be "Young, Attractive Woman Swears on camera".

Seriously, have we got to the point of being back in a 1950s society where the women should be indoors, doing nothing more taxing than a bit of sewing and cooking her hubbies dinner?

Is it wrong to swear in the heat of a moment, as with Kim? No one is exactly sure of what she did say, but she did drop the f bomb at least twice.

She's now facing a massive backlash, with people suggesting she should be banned from the crowd to even suggesting she needs a slap off her other half (oh yes, lets really push the boat out, a woman swears so lets solve it with a bit of domestic violence. Of course).

I say good for her. Why is it still fine to moan about us woman saying words that men say all the time and no one bats an eyelid?

I love a good curse in the right surroundings, in fact, there's nothing better for when you've stood on the third piece of Lego of a morning to make the pain go away than shouting curses at said Lego.

In times of stress, I have been known to go to a quiet spot away from other folk and shout the F word very loud. You can keep your Valium, to me, shouting out an obscenity works for me every time.

Maybe its down to her being posh? Or what's expected of a Wag? I'd rather someone with spirit to match her intended than a dead behind the eyes piece of fluff who is there on looks alone.

Andy himself is a typical Scotsman in that he is direct, and not shy of telling you how he feels, swearing and all. So why should Kim be any different?

I say, good for Kim, you tell them girl!

After all, she was only showing support.

Fuck 'em.

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