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In the first of what I hope will become a regular feature, we have a Love Letter to a family member close to our anonymous poster. They have asked to remain nameless as its quite a hard thing to do, I know myself as it was hard for me to write my feelings to a friend, hence why I am offering anyone who would like to either anonymous or otherwise to write a letter in their own style, however you like, of what you would like to say to that person. The words you find hardest to make clear, or maybe you fell like it would help get your mind together before you have a serious discussion with that person.

You can email me at

So, here's our first letter.

Dear Nan,
I know I am your first born blood related grandaughter but I think its a bit unfair how you treat my adopted cousin differently to me.
D - Age 4
Dear Nan,
When my brother and I are playing games in your garden, why do you always take our cousin's side when he loses?
D - Age 7
Dear Nan,
You know that gold handbag you bought me, that I loved? I lied!
D - Age 10
Dear Nan,
Why do you treat my Dad differently to my Uncle?
D - Age 13

Dear Nan,
I am not coming to visit because I am sick of hearing how amazing my cousin is. He is a Normal. Human. Being. 
D - Age 15
Dear Nan,
Yes, I am hungover - again!
D- Age 18
Dear Nan,
Yes I am getting married and no the reason I am not inviting all your brother and sisters is that my Fiance has never met them!
D - Age 24
Dear Nan,
I know my cousin's wife is pregnant but I have just given birth to your first great grandchild and she is beautiful.
D - Age 26
Dear Nan,
If you say "like you know" one more time, I may actually scream
D- Age 28
Dear Nan, 
Yes, I am getting divorced and I am sorry that I wasnt strong like you.
D - Age 30
Dear Nan,
My cousin isnt a Saint, his wife is actually a really great person, stop sticking your nose into their business!!
D- Age 31
Dear Nan,
I realise you are 85 years old and sometimes you drive me insane but you are my Nan, my Dads mother and my daughters great grandmother, so you can clearly say what you like. I love you.
D- Age 32.

Well, a big thanks to our writer, feel free to comment below and I shall pass these on.

And remember, letters are not edited by me, I just found it really useful to write down my feelings to a loved one and am offering my space to do the same to whoever would like to, blogger or otherwise!

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  1. oh jeez i want to do one of these for you... i hate my mothers parents for not even trying to contact me while she was on her death bed in the hospital. I couldn't find her and she wouldn't answer her phone i called a thousand different "homes" etc to find her when i did the nurse said she had maybe 24 hrs left. Luckily, just like a catholic, waited till sunday to pass. yeah i don't know if i'm ready yet to do that.


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