Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Half Term, Mini's Birthday Mummy Fail and the Swimsuit Dread


It is Half Term here at home, although some body told me others in the country dont have their little brats angels home until the end of this week. Which if true makes me want to move immediately to where they only have 2 weeks off instead of 3.

 I am of course kidding. I've moved far too many times already.

Mini decided to kick off Half Term  this way:

Its also the double whammy of Mini's fourth birthday on Sunday- yet because she was off sick on the last week before half term (yes. Meaning 4 weeks off in total for her), I couldn't send out invites for a birthday party. Which probably constitutes gigantic, and therapy inducing Mummy Fail, but the Mum's (and 2 Dads) at Playschool aren't a sociable bunch, barely nodding in the morning. It was always my belief that once Mini started playschool, our lives would become a social whirl of Mum Coffee mornings and kids parties. Not so, as I found out when I suggested swapping numbers so all us Mum's could meet with our kids in the summer hols and was met with blank looks.

So, we are having to settle for swimming instead. Which fills me with swim suit dread.

I can't be the only one who suffers from Swim Suit Dread- well, unless you are a cheeky size 10 and waif like, which is the only person a swim suit, erm, suits? Or you're Coleen Rooney and can spend 1,254+ on an array of very nice ones plus smart cover ups.

I really hate wearing a cossie. I don't just have Mum Bulge (the diet is slowly dying on its arse) but I suffer from sensitive skin which attacks my legs like Louis Walsh salivating over a Boy band. Its not the nicest look- fat tummy, wobbly thighs, bum that goes to my knees and skanky skin. You can't wear spanx in the pool. Believe me I've tried.

However, I have to go, due to the Birthday Party fail. I did suggest a barbecue, but no dice at its too bloomin' cold.

I will probably spend the whole afternoon cowering in the pool, afraid to come out for fear of a mass pool evacuation in fear of a sea monster attack. That being me mistaken for a sea monster.

On the bright side, I see my blog has reached the dizzy heights of number 77 in the Tots 100- which goes to show my reluctance to be involved with any form of blog sorority, preferring a giggle on Twitter with normal people, and an actual time to comment on blogs for a change (I know. Please tell me if you'd like a visit) works wonders.

Thanks for shovelling me up the list!

You can also, if you like vote for me and my girlies in the MADS too-

I suggest some lovely girls for the awards, whose services to blogging are second to none, are decent girlies who love a giggle, aren't easily offended and have, on occassion, propped me up and stopped me killing the blog itself with lots of love and offers of alcohol- they obviously take me for a drunkard, however, its much appreciated.

So, vote for me, cos I enjoyed myself thoroughly last year and have not a hope of winning, and while you're there, here's some other suggestions, so go check them out and decide where to vote for us all! (she was robbed last year at the awards, one of the coolest single Mummies ever and chief offerer of alcohol too)
Typecast (amazing, love her funny and honest posts)
The Mummy Life (best New Blog. Enough said!)
Me The Man and The Baby (not just for gorgeous pics, but she rocks a good fringe too)
And One More Means 4 and 1 More (come on, Amy has 5 children, she deserves an award for blogging with that many children!)
A Mothers Ramblings (Pippa needs to defend her title, her speech last year was brill)

So, get over and vote! You can find them on Facebook too! There is some major competition this year, with 125 blogs being nominated already, so go vote, get your friends to vote and get their friends to vote too!


  1. I have to laugh at the Amy part! I think I might actually have to make her my own little medal out of bits of cardboard and plastic! ;o)

    Aww! Thanks hun! So which nomination can you see yourself in??

    Congrats on tots.. Couldnt believe it myself! Actually had to click on your blog! ;) x

  2. aaww you're lovely, you are :) Thanks for the recommendation and congrats on your Tots100 place. (*whispers* I've dropped like a stone this month)


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