Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Ed the Littler is crazy- FACT!

On this blog, Mini has become quite the star of the show (or blog). Ed the Littler doesn't get many blog entries dedicated to him, but today here's one just about him!

He is crazy.

If The Boy (as we have taken to referring to him as) at 15 months is this mad now, I really do think he will have an ASBO by 2.

He is not a happy chappy at the moment at all, and there's no reason for it.

I checked to see if he was teething, but he has no pointy bits in his gums, and is dribbling just as much as normal. He has no rashes, colds, or illnesses of any kind. He still has his naps, and has the appetite of a 15 year old.

But still, my formerly happy boy is not happy at all.

He doesn't like bears, so unlike when Mini used to throw strops and we used to have Teddy White (and still do) as a good tantrum tamer, not so with The Boy.

The only things that appear to make him happy, and give respite in the screeching and banging of fists, feet and head on the floor, is biting, pinching and hair pulling, inflicted on us all, or wanton destruction of furniture- a chair which he kept knocking over fell to pieces earlier. He managed to pinch a whole tub of Nesquik and pour that over the floor this afternoon while I was spooning some into a bottle.

Things like this make him fall about laughing. That and throwing toys, phones and the remote down the back of the sofa.

I have no idea. He seems to be marginally more keen on his Daddy so he is trying to keep him calm.

The Boy says Dad dad dad all day long. He can say Duck, Bath, Buh (for bottle) and get. But he refuses to say Mum, Mummy, or Ma.  Its quite annoying actually to have an empty bottle smacked in your face, followed by this terror tot telling you to get, followed by Brmm Brrm, as if to say "Come on love get to it". And the demonic looks he pulls as well.

If he carries on I shall be grey in a fortnight. My Elizabeth Arden cream and anti wrinkle stuff can't cope.

Tips would be much appreciated. Or better still, a straight jacket.......


  1. He looks so sweet and innocent! Very cute! Made me laugh about the ASBO, he doesn't look like anyone I've ever asbo'd before at work bless him

  2. He looks like an angel ...

    I think its just a phase - Toddlergirl went through a really hard to make happy phase around then but go through it

    Also just noticed that mini is singing imagine imagine imagine ... gah now have that in my brain again


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