Thursday 29 July 2010

Writing Workshop: A Sisterhood of Sorts

This weeks writing prompt over at the fab Sleep is for the Weak is SISTERHOOD. And, as someone who has inherited sisters from Elder, its a post that I wanted to write.

Now, as you all know from a previous post, I do have a sister of my own, but due to circumstances we no longer have any form of relationship at all. 

But I am lucky enough to have three lovely, but very different sister in laws from Elder. They're all older than Elder himself, as he's the baby, but they quite simply rock, but for different reasons.

Sister number 1 is the Eldest of the the 3. 

She is the kind of person who someone my age can look up to, for her ability to triumph despite adversity. She is also The Nephews mum (so for that alone she deserves a medal). Even though she brought The Nephew up as a single Mum, she managed to do that whilst running her own business as well, making a success of her life rather than moping around. She met someone else and now has another two children, and she's definitely the "Mother" figure of the family. When Elder and I were pretty skint before Mini was born, she literally spent loads of weekends making sure we had everything we needed and then some. She even came with Elder and I when Mini was born, and outside of us both was the first person to hold her.

The coolest thing though: she can silence Elder from a rant with one look! 

Sister Number 2 lives right near us. She is hardworking, has two of the most well behaved kids ever (one of them is a teenage girl who is so clued up you'd think she was 21). She is patient and kind, and generous beyond belief- knowing that I'd never seen Take That, she bought e a ticket last year, wouldn't let me pay for anything and I had one of the best days out ever. She is a right giggle, and likes pretty much the same bands and films as I do. I wish she'd grow a couple of inches in height then I could steal her clothes. 

Even when I had my breakdown, she put up with me, giving me hugs when I needed them, and supporting Elder too. 

Sister number 3 is the youngest. She is very straight talking, and practises tough love. Sometimes she can be taken the wrong way, as she is very direct, but shouldn't we all use a bit more honesty? Another single mum, she's getting married again next year. But she put herself through college and is now a Nurse, even though some people (Elder) raised a skeptical eyebrow when she first told us about her plan. I love how she is the female version of Elder.

She's cool as even though she was right near her finals when Littlest was born, she still drove me over and back until I was a little less shell shocked and a little more able to make the journey to SCBU by myself.

They may not be my blood sisters but with those 3, it doesn't matter, I know I can rely on them whatever.


  1. So lovely that you're so close to you sister-in-laws :) Sounds like they're very special people!

  2. Aww.. so nice that you have such wonderful sister-in-laws. I inherited two 'new' sisters too when my husband and I got married, and I love them. I wish they lived closer.
    Stopped in from Josie's.


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