Sunday, 5 September 2010

Handbags and Gladrags- why Do Women Need so Much Stuff?

This post is dedicated to Elder, and inspired by a conversation we had this morning.

As some of you may know if you happen to be a member of Blogger.Ed (and if you aren't then come join in), I am lucky enough to be going to the final of the MAD awards, at Butlins Bognor Regis (and thanks to everyone on Twitter who corrected me that Bognor is on the South Coast and not as I thought in Yorkshire).

So, now the inevitable preparation has begun, as I'm off next Monday (and will be tweeting from the event so look out for that), and I dragged my little case out the wardrobe, making a list of what I feel I may need.

The list is, as follows
  • Underwear (obviously)
  • Pyjamas (as sharing a room with Emma, and don't wish to scare the bejesus out of her as I stumble to the loo)
  • Towel (as they don't provide them at Butlins)
  • Outfit (which consists of smock dress and leggings)
  • Jeans and top (to come home in)
  • Spare maxi dress (in case I change mind on original choice. Or if someone else decides to borrow it)
  • Hairdryer (well, if I go swimming I shall need to wash hair before event elsewise it turns into a fright wig of epic proportions)
  • Swimsuit and sarong (if I dare get the legs out. Or Pippa makes me go)
  • Make up (well, obviously, but in itself its quite a large bag)
  • Hair brush (see fright wig bit)
  • Shoes. Now this is the big one cos I am between taking 3 pairs as I'm not entirely sure what ones to wear and can garner opinion when at event with lots of womenfolk. As I'm a size 7(ish) they take up quite a bit of room.
  • Evening bag (another thing which Elder does not understand is why I need a day bag and a night bag).
  • Laptop netbook thingy and charger.
  • Phone and charger.
  • Camera, and probably charger.

So, all in all, my tiny case is no good.

Not my actual luggage. But pretty close.
Elder is baffled by the list. His opinion is that I am going for one night, so half the list is not needed. However I am going there for 2pm, so I need my coffee outfit (which I shall be wearing there its a black 80's loose maxi with long sleeves, kind of like the one Chantelle has been wearing in the Big Brother house, but minus the stripes), then my swim stuff as there is a spa (which I must try out, as a sensible consumer journalist type, of course), then my event stuff and have to have a shower before that (as the stuff from the spa will be sticky, surely? That and they have Disco Showers at Butlins and it wouldn't be right not to try those out), hence towel and hairdryer and new make up. I need to see what shoes everyone else thinks I should wear (as I am pants at shoes). I will then need to transfer cash, camera and phone from day bag to evening bag. Then I'll need Pyjamas. Then I'm coming home at 2pm, so will need to get changed again.

See, that's how you justify stuff.

He refuses to understand that men don't need as much stuff 'cos they are men. They need only take one pair of shoes. They would not use a spa. Swimming means they could wear their trunks and then change them after. They need much smaller towels only having one area needing modesty coverage. They can have a comb in their pocket (if at all). They don't use make up or handbags. Nor do they need hairdryers or pyjamas as they can walk round in trunks (I love when Elder does this, as he often has socks on with trainers too and its cute). They need only bring a pair of jeans which they wear there and back, and at most a shirt and t-shirt, plus clean pants and socks. Therefore, men use less stuff, so hence need less stuff.

Shaking his head, Elder asked why I couldn't just try my shoes on before hand and take the pair that looks best. Well, simple, because then I could only get his and Mini's opinion. And out of those two I'd probably trust Mini's the most.

No, he cannot understand the need for it all. So I can simplify it, quite easily, and please feel free to use this answer next time your other half asks why when he has a small rucksack you have a huge case for two days:

"Because, dear, I am a Woman. And this is the price we have to pay."

Image: Simon Howden /

And to Aaron Huckett at Publicasity for sorting Emma and I out a Kia to get us to and from in style!


  1. Jesus.. how long you going for!! You staying for 2 nights then? We're planning on staying down South a little longer after the mads has finished and we're taking less stuff!! Lol!
    Btw.. Butlins do provide towels! :) x

  2. Oh do they? Cool!

    No, I am leaving Tuesday at 2pm, I would've stayed on if it was me and the family together, but as its not I need to get back for the kids (Mini is not a fan of me or Elder going anywhere for great lengths of time)

  3. Just double checked on butlins website.. it depends what room you're in so bring towels just incase!!! x

  4. So glad i read this today. Had not planned on taking a towel.

    You will need that swimsuit. I will be joining Pippa in forcing you into the pool with us.


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