Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Mum, New Me

Here, in a mantra akin to the ten commandments, but not in anyway religious, is my "Rules to Live By" for 2011. 

Enjoy, and feel free to use them yourself too!

RULE 1:Thou Shalt Chill the Hell Out

Seriously, I am highly strung (guess you may have known that by now), and at Christmas, I found myself getting really annoyed with Elder, to the point where, without even thinking through my objections, I shouted that he was selfish and self centred, and didn't care what I thought. You know, girls, usual hissy fit related stuff!
But then, when I'd finished, Elder asked me what my objections actually were, well I was stumped. I had no idea  what my problem actually was. Which kind of achieved two things. Firstly, I felt like a right muppet. And secondly I reassessed during a sleepless night about why things get to me so much.

Now, I still have no idea why they do, but I think I over process things and reach a conclusion which is completely left of field. Elsewise I don't think at all, but take things how I think they sound and end up in all heaps of situations I 'd rather have not been in.

Hence I shall chill out, and relax a whole heap.

And this includes not giving in to the kids for fear of old ladies tutting in shops. I need to learn to say no, or my house will explode due to too many clothes, shoes and toys. They need me to as they take everything for granted so much now that they break stuff and think it'll be replaced. Enough!

RULE 2: Thou Shalt Not Eat the Food Intake of a Small Country to Myself

I am so unhealthy. I eat too much, I boredom eat (I really hate Elder, cos when he is stressed he doesn't eat), I eat crap food. I have fallen into the Mum's Two Dinners trap of snaffling food off the kids plates and then having a meal myself later on. As a result, the old bod is looking a bit off. So, I am determined to be better and exercise control!

RULE 3: Thou Shalt Not Get Cabs Everywhere

I have gotten lazy- I find it easier just to go hail a taxi than walk up the hill. Its a 15 minute walk so its not miles. I reserve the right however to get a Taxi if its snows badly!

RULE 4: Thou Shalt Let Myself be Spoiled

I am really bad at excepting gifts. Elder asked if I'd like a Laptop for Christmas, to which I replied "no, cos they cost loads". How crap is that! I also feel bad for buying clothes, and always have this little feeling like I could be buying stuff for the kids or food. As Elder pointed out to me, we are far from destitute, our cupboards are always full. So, if I like something, I'm going to buy it, I'm not going to settle for the cheaper version, or wait until one comes up on Freecycle (in about two years). I'm going to buy myself a gift!

RULE 5: Thou Shalt Not Live By Take Out Alone

See, now this is the big one. I love take away, we have some great ones round these parts. Its tasty, its easy, its so bloomin' bad for me! And I can cook! So why am I eating crap? Laziness, reader, laziness of the highest order. My cook books have been dusted off, and from now on, no crap food. The end of my love affair is here. And also, because we ate crap, the kids started to want to eat rubbish too, and thats shocking. So, restaurant menus are in my Recycling Bin.

RULE 6: Thou Shalt Learn a New Skill

I am learning to play guitar. Have a;ways wanted to, and after Elder got a guitar from a friend for fixing his PC, I've got no excuse.

RULE 7: Thou Shalt Try Harder

Question. if you want something in life, how'd you go about getting it? Wait for it to land in your lap, or go after it? Well, I know what I want, I want my first by-line. Not fussed where, but I am going to go after it with bells on. I'm going to submit article ideas. I am going to write like my fingers are going to fall off. I want it so bad, so I have to try like I want it so bad too!

RULE 8: Thou Shalt Be More Gracious

Yeah the whole not going to Cybermummy thing, well, the idea I'd miss out on you guys was a bit of a tear jerker. I love you guys! So I am very lucky to be being sponsored by the lovely people at Maclaren  to go along again. And if I do happen to be nominated for stuff, its cos you guys are the greatest and most loyal bunch, ever, and to take your kind votes and turn my back would be pretty rubbish. So, bring on The MADS and all that stuff. Bring on trying to win my Gurgle again. Bring the whole lot on!

RULE 9: Thou Shalt Not Just Read Chick Lit

My brain is turning to mush quicker than Aunty Mabel loses Pippin on Come Outside. I need to stop just watching re-runs of Friends and watching Glee. I even found myself hooked on Eastenders and Corrie, which I swore I'd never watch.And I need to stop buying books which promote nothing but "Girl is nerd, boy in office is hot and she likes him, he never notices her, she gets a new look, he suddenly likes her. The End". What sort of message is that? I've been with Elder 11 years this year, and we still aren't married. 

I want to watch films which I learn from, and read books which make you question the whole of a characters psyche. I want to read the classics and start reading Shakespeare and poetry again. I will buy stuff I can learn from!

RULE 10: Thou Shalt Ask If I want a Day Off

I really love my sisters in law, they rock. But even after 11 years, I still find it really hard to ask them to babysit. Consequently, we went out as a couple, all night without either of the Bratlings once last year. Which doesn't do much for a relationship. But its my own fault! I will ask them more often! 

So, there they are!

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  1. Hello! Great list, and one that I could copy for myself. I am queen of the takeaway (having just stuffed a huge Chinese). I must stop if I want to lose any weight this year! And I *must* do some exercise and put my gym membership to use. So consider me a resolution buddy, starting now!!

    (Having said that, I don't think I'd have turned down a laptop, no matter how guilty I felt hehe).

    Happy New Year!


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