Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Post Without a Title

Yeah, that's the post without a title. Couldn't think of one, so sorry, but there's a few topics I'm going to cover here, so couldn't really narrow the whole thing down. And since I'm writing this from scratch without planning it, well, yeah its that kind of post.

I was going to vlog it, but I couldn't be arsed really. I have a massive break out of spots at the moment- its not pretty wouldn't want to scare anyone.

So, the post.

First up, the great news. Or great news if you think it is, but if you don't then read a bit more then disregard and go about your business.

I am opening up the blog, one day a week, to something I'm calling "The Guest Spot". That's not an imaginative title, so if you can think of one with more razzmatazz then drop me an email. 

Basically, there are loads of people wanting to write somewhere different, or gain an audience, and because you lot who read this blog are such a cracking and nice bunch of individuals (get away with your foxy selves) I've opened up the floor, or blog, to anyone who fancies emailing me a post. That way, if you're new and looking for an audience,  I'm hoping that you lovely loyal lot will go check their blogs out and give them a bit of love.

I'm also hoping you don't find out there are better writers out there and desert my sorry self too. But that's another story for another time. Which owing to my saying this was going to be a blog on many subjects probably doesn't make sense but if you really want to know I'm being on my best non-ranty, non-controversial behaviour. I know- its not like me to bite my tongue, but I figure it probably pees off certain negative parties more for me not to say anything. Then they can get on with their tedious, self important, impotent and dull lives without being able to throw scorn on me for a change. 

The thing is, I'm an old hand at this blog lark. I felt like some people's granny at Cybermummy. I'm starting to think that's a bad thing- that I'm not fresh and new anymore. I tried for a while not to get involved in the wider "blog politics". I even went so far as to have a separate Twitter account where I can truly be myself without being got at for doing so. However, blogging and the circles you move in due to it are such that you can never truly be a person in your own right. You just become a face, or a name, in a wider circle of names, all of which survive and thrive by being in competition with each other. All of whom may have bigger better names than you. Does that make sense?

People have perceptions of me that are so far off its amazing. I come across, and am slated as, a hot head. In fact, its more that I will question someone if I feel they are wrong. I don't care who they happen to be, if they are doing something I feel is unfair or without reason, I'll say. Is that wrong? 

The thing is, this "community" (cough cough) sucks. It has for a long time. There are those who gladly ruin it for everyone else. There are those who use their position within it to make vast amounts of money from the niavety of others. There are those who are brilliant people, just in case you thought I was saying everyone sucks. There is a vast amount of jealous people too. Actually I think being a new blogger now must be hard as there are some pretty hard groups to infiltrate and rule upon unwritten rule to adhere to- get it wrong and it must really make you wonder if you want to blog at all. When I started, it was nice, supportive, friendly. Perhaps there are just so many voices screaming to be heard now, that people will go down any route to stand out. That's not what blogging, or writing, is about though.

I know I'm far from the only one questioning whether I really want to be a part of a group which acts so badly. "Why do I blog?" is a question I've seen many oldies like me asking. I blog because I enjoy writing.
I love your comments. But its starting not to make me so happy. The blog I love still- you readers I love you loads. But the back biting, the sniping, and the constant "she's a cow/bitch/crap writer thing- not so much. As its not me.

I'm taking a short step back to re-evaluate. 



  1. >> Perhaps there are just so many voices screaming to be heard now, that people will go down any route to stand out. <<


    >> I blog because I enjoy writing. <<

    are the two most important points of this blog post. Take your step back and come back renewed x

  2. We love you too - you nanana...
    Hope you don't step back for too long - rantings always make me smile!
    Maybe I'm lucky that am still kinda on the outside (in my cupboard)


  3. i hear you! I've been blogging for just over a year and a half now but feel new as I'm just discovering british bloggers.I see the politics and try and duck. My mum always says if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I enjoy other peoples perspectives... Why can't we all?

  4. I'm a new blogger, of only a week or two so it's interesting to read this. I'm finding there's a lot of 'you comment on me and I'll comment on you' which initially I thought was a good idea and a good way of finding other blogs I might like but at times it does feel like a mutual massaging of egos. ( I'm going to get shunned from polite blogging society for that!).
    I am blogging because I like it, it makes me smile and I would much rather have 3 people who enjoy reading it keep coming back than 100 people who just dip in once to say 'hi' in order for me to do the same to them.
    And if I am really honest (which I can be now as my kids had me up at 6am and I am grumpy !) - I am finding there's a lot of the same around, I am finding a few that I enjoy but most could be a generic blog template :s

    Always good to stand back and take stock :)


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