Saturday, 3 March 2012

Mini's Outfit of the Week: School Disco Edition

It's Saturday, so here is Mini's latest outfit of the week.

Yesterday was her first ever school disco. I spent an hour curling her hair with an Angel Curl wand (and more hair spray than I've sprayed on anyone since 1995), but the outfit was all her.

Mini wore a sparkly black sequin jacket, a pair of white Next peddle pushers, a Brown and pink peplum dress from Matalan and her fave pink Converse boots. She also pinched my pink lip gloss, a bang on trend vintage style cameo locket and my (so fake its untrue) Pandora bracelet. 

Sadly, she lasted less time at the disco than we spent getting her ready- there were quite a few big kids there knocking her and her mates out the way, and it was on quite late for infant school age. Oh well!

A few teachers said she looked at least 4 years older. I few Mums thought her hair was naturally curly (she always has plaits at school). She looked really cute!

What look is your child rocking at the moment? Feel free to join in.

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  1. I love the fact that getting ready lasted longer than the disco! Will get her into good stead for when she's older. -Hmx(PS She looks so cool)


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