Thursday, 31 October 2013

Dear Lauren: Ignore the Media

I have to start this by saying I'm not a TOWIE watcher. I think I may have watched about two eps ever, and only as I couldn't find anything else and wanted to see what the fuss was about.

Despite not being someone who catches the show, or got the point of it either (same for Made in Chelsea and the rest of the copycat shows), but you seem to see the stars(?) of it in the media and discussed online and on TV.

One such face is Lauren Goodger. 

Now, I don't know the whole story, I've never met her, but I've seen her be taken the mick out of in the press and on TV, and I've read interviews with her.

What worries me is the headlines I read yesterday afternoon, suggesting that, due to all the nasty comments Lauren receives about her weight, she has decided to stop eating until she is "industry standard". She hopes, according to her Twitter feed, that should she be the perceived level of weight to "industry standard" , the press will leave her alone.

Even more concerning, she admits that she hasn't eaten for three days.

Now, discounting that Lauren was on TOWIE, discounting the fact that she has been a bit silly with guys, and discounting anything else with regards the media, this woman has been made to feel so appalling in her looks that only starving herself will work to end it.

And then what? What is the next course of action if not eating until she wastes away doesn't mean the bullies will stop? And by bullies I mean the twitter trolls, the media trolls, the people who have seemed to hone in on Lauren and love to rip the piss out of her.

The thing is, Lauren is a naturally pretty curvy girl. She has a bum, she has hips. Yes, like me, she has a bit of a tummy, especially after drinking a bit.

So, bloody, what?

Is it fair that down to being a part of a TV show, she is fair game? 

As usual the media will loiter on the negatives they perceive a person has, picking and picking until they get a reaction and then, despite knowing they are responsible for it, they then nod their heads in condemnation of the outburst. 

Despite Lauren being a successful businesswoman, despite her being someone who doesn't look like they'd disappear if they turn to the side, despite her being all sorts of things, they decide she isn't good enough if she's not stick thin so put the boot in. Or so it appears to Lauren.

No, it bloody well isn't.

My advice to Lauren is stop caring what others think. Move away from the limelight. Back away from the gossip columns.

Yes, sometimes she doesn't help herself, wearing bandage dresses is never a good idea for us curvy girls. Ask most guys though and they'll tell you that its not about stick thin girls with no boobs and no bum. You only have to look at the Kardashian sisters to see that bums and boobs rock and you can, when dressing for your shape, look amazing.

So Lauren, please, don't let a bunch of narrow minded, no life idiots, or the self important fashion police bother you to the point you make yourself ill. 

Just like every other women out there, whatever her size, her shape or where she is from, you are worth so much more than that.

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