Wednesday 30 October 2013

Dear So and So...It's Been a While

I know it's Wednesday and traditionally one is meant to partake of Dear So and So notes on a Friday, but well, I need to write some.

Dear Mini.

Sweetheart, do you realise the untold joy I had when I found out that I was to get my very own living dolly to dress up to make up for not playing with dolls as a kid have you? I imagined shopping trips, nail bar visits, and girl related laughs at films like Clueless and the like from my youth. 

It has started so well. I like watching you watching me when I am brushing my hair, or putting on my make up, taking notes from future reference. I like that we have girly days over to Slough on the train, and trips to the coffee shop. I quite enjoyed our help when I was dying my hair (and no, you still can't nick the leftovers, no matter how cute you are or how many "but Perrie from Little Mix has it" excuses you give me).

I also love your individuality when it comes to having an opinion on what you wear, whilst not being bratty about it. Or not often anyway.

Until today. When I asked my Mini Fashionista, you who usually offers positivity on whatever I wear, even my "childish" moustache Nerd pyjamas, about a trouser suit I am eBay stalking for a posh event I'm off to. 

And you turned around and told me how you "utterly and absolutely actually hate that and don't think you should ever wear it, ever". 

You know, whilst I love your honesty, I would prefer it had you just said, "you know what Mummy, perhaps not, perhaps that dress you had for Aunties 50th but didn't wear cos you bought that other one that ended up nearly flashing your boobs all evening". But no. You just told me exactly what you think in a manner that joan Rivers would have saluted you for.

I do love you though sweetheart. 

Love Mummy, off to eat Jaffa Cakes to console myself 

Dear Littlest

Oh you are a one you.

From your ability to steadfastly refuse to read in front of your teacher, despite being able to do so at home, to your superhuman strength of knowing exactly what network is on what channel and what number it happens to be, you really do make me laugh.

And silently cry when you act like a bugger down to your meds. But thats cool

But please, my love, the new show you love. Its Phineas and Ferb.

Not, as you keep calling it, despite me telling you constantly, Penis and Ferb.

Why would a TV network call a programme after a willy? 

By the way, while you're reading (or Mini is if you are refusing to), it was very cute how afraid you were of the storm. I've never seen you run in my bed quite like that and hide under my armpit before. Was sweet.

Love you too Baby


Dear Elder

I have had that flu too. I still didn't go to bed though.

Man flu.

Get better soon though.

Love me

Dear Storm

You suck. I couldn't get to London.

Bog off and annoy someone else next time


What are your notes this week? Let me know below :) 

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  1. Oh I used to do Dear So and So a lot years ago - has it started up again? Excellent! Great letters to your littlies! xx


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