Thursday 31 October 2013

Is It Just Me: Who Actually Thinks Breastfeeding in a Pool Is Simply Not On?

I am going to start this post by reminding any breast feeding trolls that I too was a breastfeeding Mummy. I breastfed Mini for a whole year, despite being knackered constantly and even gritting my teeth when she developed hers (my poor lady lumps sill bare the scars). 

So na na na na na.

Whilst I love breastfeeding and would recommend it to anyone, I would have to draw the line at where certain breastfeeders think it's OK to feed their baby.

There are sensible limits, after all.

So, the Midwife currently in newspapers crying discrimination after being asked to leave the local pool is, in my opinion, one of those ladies who feel that because she is doing what nature intended, and breastfeeding, that she should be able to do it where she jolly well pleases, with scant regard for anyone else's needs- including that of her child.

I took Mini swimming when she was breastfed, and whilst I fed her in the changing cubicle, I would never have pulled my baps out in the bloody pool. 

As the clearly more sensible life guards and manager suggested, its just not hygienic, both for the baby and the other swimmers.

Babies do tend to be sick after a feed. Would you want to swim in sick? Or much worse, as Mini was fond of, exploded nappy and its contents?

Hell. No.

On the flipside, from the point of view of the baby, children, and some skanky adults, tend to pee in the pool. 

You would never consider whacking a bottle back in a babies month after it fell in a pool, so why stick your nip in its mouth after its been in the exact same water? Not to mention the chlorine.

Yes, breastfeeding is great (for a start I lost 2 stone breastfeeding, had massive tits for the first time in my life, and oh yeah, I bonded much better with Mini than with Littlest who wasn't breastfed), but for goodness sake, use your brains and pick and choose where.

I don't care how indignant and cross you can look in the Mail, if someone has to tell you what is and isn't healthy for your child, no amount of breastfeeding will cancel out that wrong doing. 


  1. Also, its not good for digestion! They say to wait an hour before swimming after eating a meal, so I think the rules are pretty much the same for a baby IN the pool!

  2. I agree with you!! You wouldn't sit in a pool and eat lunch so why should a


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