Monday 26 May 2014

Moving, Again, Yes Siree.

Bloody, bloody renting.

I hate it.

After 4 years of damp, disgraceful conditions and a toss pot of a Craplord, we are outta here on Wednesday.

Its a big move but not as big as we first thought it would be, as instead of having all out debate (read: swearing at each other and sulking until one of us got our way) over moving back to Kent (me) versus moving to Cornwall (Elder), we are moving to just outside of Reading instead.

I know that goes from one extreme to the other, but I found the house we are going to be renting online while eating lunch and lamenting we'd never find anywhere and end up in a flat forever. 

The Craplord surpassed himself up until then though, going so far as to lie to the court that we are behind in our rent whilst simultaneously writing us a letter saying we have never owed him rent. It was an attempt to get us out in a fortnight, which didn't work, and which the court suggested I contact the local fraud office over, but I really cannot be bothered and simply hope karma makes him disappear up his own backside shortly. 

The new house is smaller, but the Brats will still, thankfully have their own rooms. I wasn't looking forward to the pitch battles sharing would've have caused in two kids who have never ever shared a room. In our new village, house prices are the same for a 3 bed with garden near parks and schools as a two bed flat in Maidenhead.

We have no school as yet- the only minus side which is sure to organise itself over the next few months- as there are currently no spaces and as Mini is in Year 2 and about to sit exams they are reluctant to move her anyway. So, for now, we will have to commute them to their current school, its 15 minutes drive in non traffic, possibly half an hour in the morning due to rush hour. Not perfect but not much you can do bar end up being fined up to your neck.

As a result, I will be offline for a few days until the lovely TalkTalk come and reconnect me to the 21st century. 

Enjoy your half term guys! I'll report back on the move soon :)

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