Monday, 9 June 2014

Earley, Erisea and Is It Just Me Goes Sindicated

Its been nearly two weeks since we moved to Earley and we are all settling in well. The whole school thing is still a giant pain in the arse (petrol usually costs us £20 a week. Last week, it cost £60), but we knew that was going to be the case so there's not much we can do.

I did ring the admissions people on Friday to check they'd had our forms, and they got them on the 27th. However, due to some old timey rules (clearly thought of prior to the invention of the bloody internet) whereby they feel schools still communicate via carrier pigeon, the form wasn't put onto the system for a week after as only school term days count within the 20 day period. Even if they find a school place they make you wait the full 20 days to hear about it, which will end up taking us until a week before school ends for the year down to it not being 20 days at all.

When I explained to the guy on the phone that Littlest missed school Friday as he was knackered, and the cost involved (at a time when I've just had to hand over a vast sum of money to move here), he was less than bothered or helpful. He sounded like the Computer Says No character from Little Britain. His helpful advice was to keep them off for the duration. Except he then helpfully (not) pointed out we'd be fined a ridiculous amount per day per child. 

Anyway, this aside the area is still great, cheaper shops, better quality of life. There seems to be a centre of the universe round here that is the local park. 

On Sunday there was a great live music Family Fun Day which ended at a sensible time of 6pm. We saw some brilliant live local bands there of all ages and types. Next weekend is a charity football tournament where local businesses and the uni have been encouraged to put teams together to celebrate the World Cup kicking off Reading style.

I'm finding we don't need to venture into Reading town centre either (which is good as parking there is crazy expensive) as what we need is on the doorstep or a 2 minute drive (when we don't get lost) to Morrisons and the outlet centres.

We have found some bloody ace second hand shops as well, there are 3 on our high street and one nearer to Morrisons where records are 85p each and they'll go out the back and find more if you ask nicely.

Next on the agenda is Erisea magazine, a new venture I am chuffed to be a part of with Chelsea Ms Mummy and Erika Holt. Its an online magazine that talks to you like a grown up, with a mixture of parenting, beauty and advice written by some top contributors.

I am over there with my "Is It Just Me" strand- don't worry, its not going from here! It'll still be here too but slightly more sweary versions will be over at Erisea, or things I feel don't fit here.

You can find my posts at Erisea at

I'm now patiently waiting for the annual escape from the family expedition otherwise known as Britmums Live. I am actually bringing reliable tech this time so keep a look out for my instagrams and tweets and the like. 

Whatever you're up to, enjoy your week :)

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  1. New Mum Online9 June 2014 at 09:23

    So sorry to hear about school. We finally got one and seeing it at 1 o'clock today xx


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